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Dream Central!

Dream Interpretation By Michael Thiessen!
Personal, one on one interaction
, NOT software driven, your dream is analyzed and written by hand personally for you by the author of Dream Central! Service includes FREE follow up correspondence!
 This incredible dream interpretation service is only 35.00 U.S. dollars!

How does this work?
Firstly and most importantly, your dream is interpreted by me, a “human” NOT by a computer program.  I actually “read” your dream, think about it, draw on my years of experience interpreting dreams and hand write my impressions and interpretations.  I know of no other way to do this correctly, since dreams are such a fundamentally human experience.  I am extremely wary of software that claims to interpret dreams!

Secondly, I email you my interpretation of your dream, and will answer follow-up questions pertaining to the same dream. I go in-depth, being as specific as I can, offering as many details as I can glean from your dream.  This is a very simple, effective process that I have done for free for several years and would continue to do for free if not for the sheer volume of visitors I currently receive to this site, currently over six thousand people a day visit Dream Central. (see; Why am I now charging? below)

By clicking the “CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR DREAM INTERPRETED!” link here or below, you will be asked a series of important questions about your dream or nightmare.  It is important that you fill this form out to the best of your ability so I have the information I need to make an educated interpretation and conclusion.  The information is NOT used for marketing, and is NOT held in a database to be sold or given away. (see Dream Central’s privacy policy).  Your information is secure, the “Interpret My Dream” page is on a secure server.

The fee for this service is only 35.00.  You can pay by credit card, or by printing the “Interpret My Dream” form and mailing it to me along with your check.

Why are we now charging?
Over the last four years, many of you have emailed me your dreams and nightmares asking me to help you interpret them.  Thank you for these submissions, it is quite rewarding to be able to help people in this fashion.  I have never charged for my dream interpretation services in the past.  Dream analyzing  is a time consuming thing, and due to the success of Dream Central (over 6 thousand visitors daily) I am forced to start charging for this service.  The vision my wife and I had for Dream Central was, and still is to be a noncommercial information site.  The fee is nominal and only being used now to help fund Dream Central, and make it possible for us to spend more time interpreting your dreams!


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