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    Default "Eye in a triangle" dream. suggestions please!!

    HI! For the last hour i have been searching the internet for answers regarding a dream of mine.I found this site and decided to try asking you guys your opinion on it.
    Ihad this dream when i was 10 years old or so and i could never fully explain it.Now i say it's a dream but back then i could have sworn it was real...So, i "woke up" feeling .... serene is the word :) , very peaceful and looked at the window that was in the left side of my bed. I was looking at a particular star; from its direction a light started to grow like a cone toward my window and when it got there it stopped on the window just like a projection ( my window being the screen).The light was yellowish and suddenly an image appeared on its surface: a big triangle with en eye in it and surrounding the triangle was a wreath ( i think this is the word descreibing an interlacing of green plants) with no flowers. The normal feellings and reactions in this situation would have been scary, amazed, astonished, but no , i was none of that. That feeling of calm and peace remained during the whole dream/experience.The most bizarre thing was that a man voice ( also very calm and peacefull ) started talking and the most ennoying thing was that i only remembered the first three words :" You are young...". The rest of it i didn't remember even that very morning and that haunted me for years: what did that voice say to me?I will probably never know but i'll certainly find a little satisfaction in getting to know other opinions on my dream.
    I want you to know that i am not an american so i couldn't know back then that this "eye triangle" appears in one form on a side of the dollar bill.Also two or three years later i found that symbol in a christian book and i was astonished, i didn't know it was a well-known symbol, my first time seeing it was in that dream only.During the years i found out lots of things about this symbol but nothing clearly satisfied me.
    Sorry if i wasn't that concise and for the language errors i might have done...I hope you can give me some enlightment on this.

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    Hi Lolo,

    One school of psychology would identify your dream as being “Archetypal”, that is, from the deepest layers of your psyche. It may have appeared spontaneously or in response to a very difficult situation such as the death of a family member, divorce of parents, or some other deeply upsetting occurrence. Either way it was probably meant to reassure you that there is always a unifying force present in life that exists within.

    This approach is not meant to deny the beliefs of organized religion for example, but only to describe how certain images appear regularly in dreams and in other ways that tend to support the idea that at least one part of unity and “God” exists within each individual. This concept is called the “Self” and is defined in analyst Jane Wheelwright’s book “Death of a Woman” as follows:

    “Archetype of wholeness and order, at once the center and the container of the totality of the psyche. The Self is a function, uniting all pairs of opposites, of a source of energy which is the instigator and director of the individuation process [the development of all of the person’s potentials]. It is manifested by way of projection, by means of symbols (notably geometric forms, especially the square and the circle, savior and hero figures, the child, various animals, insects and plants, precious stones, and images of a fourfold nature), and by the conflict of opposites, a conscious confrontation which is an essential precondition to an experience of this archetype…”

    Various symbols in your dream can be explained by reference to this figure of the Self and the concept might also help you to organize the various things you’ve found out about the eye-in-the-triangle symbol for example.

    To start off looking at your dream, to “wake up” would generally tend to symbolize leaving “sleep”, that is, unconsciousness and becoming more aware of something important and necessary in your life.

    If your childhood was happy, then the feeling of serenity upon waking perhaps would represent the state of being contained in a loving family but with the suggestion that you would have to soon leave this condition and move out into life more fully as part of your ongoing development. In this take on your dream, the intent of the images may have been to provide an encouraging image that certain inner resources would always be there for you. This doesn’t exclude other resources such as organized religion for example.

    Another symbol of the Self figure is a star and the dream shows you as focusing on this after you awake. The sky would tend to represent your vast unconscious mind where the Self resides, although of course the Self is meant to be both the center and the entirety of your mind-body, so paradox is always part of the mystery when looking into this figure.

    The symbolism of the cone is very complex since it combines both the circle (a symbol of the Self) and the triangle (symbolizing harmony for example) within itself. It is also connected with the Feminine through such figures as Astarte and the moon itself, and this perhaps brings in the idea of the “opposites” of the feminine and the masculine (man’s voice later). It also suggests a pyramid which is also the type of “triangle” that appears on the dollar bill. A basic meaning of a pyramid is oneness or wholeness which is another attribute of the Self figure.

    In your dream the Self “projects” itself as mentioned in the definition above onto “consciousness” (the window). It’s possible that the yellowish light relates to intuition although color symbolism can be very complex in dreams.

    As you’ve probably already found out, an eye is often related to “light” and understanding among many other meanings.

    The three sides of a triangle can represent the active, the passive and the neutral as well as creation, conservation and destruction. This tends to suggest the “opposites” as mentioned in the definition of the Self above. The triangle has also been connected with light and of course with the number three which often denotes action and movement.

    A wreath of green plants suggests the outer world since green is often associated with the five senses.

    A summary of the image of an eye in a triangle surrounded by a green wreath using the ideas mentioned above would be something like the following: the harmonizing and calming Self figure will always be there within when dealing with the confusing and difficult mix of opposites that always appear as part of the struggle with external realities.

    The image of a wise old man is also a symbol of the Self and this seems to appear in the presence of a calm man’s voice.

    If you’d like to further explore some of these ideas about the Self and other inner psychological figures, a book like “Man and His Symbols” edited by Carl G. Jung would be a good place to start. Although a paperback edition of this book is readily available in most places, its small format and having no color illustrations makes it less attractive that perhaps a used hardcover edition for example.

    I hope that at least some of these ideas will help to provide a more satisfying overview of one potential meaning of the eye-in-a-triangle image in your dream.

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    The Eye

    Eye of Horus [Ancestor of Kings and Sky God] or Ra [the Sun God and chief deity of the Ennead, the Gods of Heliopolis]. The Uadjet Eye. A talisman to ward off evil in Ancient Egypt.

    In Christian iconography it's the Eye of God: All-Seeing.

    Eye in a Triangle - The Solar-Eye Pyramid

    A key symbol in Freemasonry. It appears on the reverse of the Great Seal of the United States This was first designed in 1782.

    Above the Pyramid is the motto: 'Annuit Coeptis' ["Providence has favored our undertakings"; The Eye represent's God's Providence]

    Under it is the motto: 'Novus Ordo Seclorum' ("New Order of the Ages").

    The Pyramid has been printed on the back of the American Dollar bill since 1935.

    I hope this helps. Cheers. Jon. :)

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    Default Eye in Triangle

    Hi Lolo,
    I was looking at a particular star; from its direction a light started to grow like a cone toward my window and when it got there it stopped on the window just like a projection ( my window being the screen).The light was yellowish and suddenly an image appeared on its surface: a big triangle with en eye in it and surrounding the triangle was a wreath
    You got some goog explanations from Athanor and Jon. My experience with dreams is different. I don't attach any symbolism to dreams as I believe that they are part of our life. Dreams have the vital function of looking after us while we sleep and most importantly waking us from sleep by controlling our level of consciousness. Dreams use a constant input of quantum energy. The most important source of Quantum energy is light and colour. Light and colour is part of every dream, infact most dreams start, or the first thing we remember in a dream start with light. Seeing a star, a cloud or a spot of light..
    In your dream the input of quantum energy from light and colour is evident. Another source of quantum energy is the "idea" or "concept" You could call the eye in the triangle a concept. Althoug you say you can't remember knowing about it, it is probable that you seen or heard about the image somewhere before the dream.
    Finally the words! My experience is that dreams often wake the sleeper with some puzzling unfininished sentence, strange word or a name heard before waking. The aim of this device is to wake the sleeper with an enygma that lingers - sometimes for ages! It leaves the dreamer's newly woken mind in immediate activity. It is like putting a motorcar in gear.
    The final part concerns why the dream was necessary to wake you from your sleep? This can only seldom be answered. A dream is like walking in heavy snow fall - the footsteps are soon coverd and dissapear without a trace!
    Cheers Wolfjk
    Dreaming is a vital function of life

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    Star means a scientist.
    Yellow light means learning some insight.
    A triangle means christianity and an eye means your religion and morals.
    Dreams are scenes of daily day happenings in real life when interpreted will come and pass.This may happen in the near future in a few days to a month or two.
    People are asleep, when die they will wake up.
    42. God takes the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep; then He withholds those on whom He has passed the decree of death and sends the others back till an appointed term; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.

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    I feel they can be both, Wolfjk, as we see so many signs and symbols in our everyday lives. On our roads, on our buildings, on our currency, on our clothing... . So they obviously filter through to our subconcious minds, and into our dreams. We just can't avoid that! The 'Eye in a Triangle' is just one of the many Masonic Symbols we see around us, but probably without being fully aware of the fact... .

    Carl Jung wrote a whole book on the subject. And Dream Dictionaries are full of symbolic interpretation.

    Cheers, Jon. :cool:
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    Whatever you were told is still in your head. If you get quiet in bed at night and try to access it, it WILL eventually surface, if even in another dream. Once the information is found, it will be easier to access it again if you forget again.

    The eye and triangle is very old. The eye is M42 in the constellation of Orion. The triangle is formed in this manor:

    Orion was the signal of the end times event as far as I has been able to determine. All the information tied to this begins here:
    Are dreams and voices valid sources for end-times information?

    Try to remember what was said to you. It could be important.


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    I know this was posted a while back, but hopefully you will stumble upon it once again. I just wanted to say, that what you saw was definately a vision, not a dream. I have seen the eye of providence myself. I think in my case, Jesus was introducing himself to me. Jesus is always with us!!
    please visit my website:

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    when i was 2 or 4, don't remember
    i saw the moon was projecting an eye on the cactus tin box

    i don't remember anything from my childhood
    but this thing is so vivid i remember everything

    i screamed so hard, my mother came into the room,
    i told her i saw an eye on the cactus tin box

    she left the lights on, i turned my back to the wall
    the moon was shining, i saw many many little eyes on the wall

    i was so afraid that i was loosing my mind so i closed my eyes
    wished it would stop, didn't open them for a long time,
    then fell asleep

    i can swear you people i saw this before i was asleep
    i remember that day, i remember those eyes
    because of that i sleep with my lights on... even today

    if you know something about it
    please, tell me

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