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    Quote Originally Posted by Golanv View Post
    I think eventually you will meet this woman. I dreamed of a man I didn't know for almost 7 years before I finally met him. I dreamed his first name after a while and I have written in my dream journal from several years back the name of the road he lived on. I am now living there with him and his son. I ran into him out of the blue in a copy shop one night and recognized him. We met on the night his ex-wife asked him for a divorce. We talked a lot and became friends first. After the divorce we began dating. It hasn't been easy because of child custody and court but we finally worked it all out. I had dreamed that his wife was cheating on him and that his baby daughter was not his biological child. It all turned out to be true. He now has full custody of his son but we do not see the little girl nor his ex. I hope you have an easier path ahead of you. I will tell you that it was worth all the hard times and we are very happy together. Good luck to you and your dream lady. ~ Golanv
    did the man that you dreamed of dream of you?

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    Default Same Idea

    I have been having similar dreams. I dream almost everynight of a guy I have never met, I can't see his face, but at the same time I know what it looks like. I can see his eyes, and I know his personality, but nothing about him. I love these dreams because I am happy in them with him, but I hate waking up because I don't know him.
    However, I am hopeful that he is my soul mate and we will meet. I am only a teenager, so I have my life to meet him.
    And I do believe this girl you talk about could be your soul mate. But it's impossible to say if you will ever meet her or not. I am wishing for you though!

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    A friend of mine just had a dream like this the other night...

    I believe dreams talk to us.

    If you dream of FLYING,it means you can rise about a situation in your life...

    If you dream of being confined,it means you feel trapped in your life......

    I hope my friends dream IS talking to him,i would be happy if he ended up with someone.... (He is alone now)

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    Default i understand

    since i was 5 i've dreamed of a long haired man a few times each year, as i get older so does he. he is around 6 feet tall and apears to be native i'm not sure he's musculer but not buff and when we're together he's always smiling he makes me feel the way no other man has or will, keep in mind i'm only 20 but 15 years of seeing his face has me addicted to him. its just the feeling you get with cant help but to be exstatic about every touch and look. in the dreams we are always so happy and his smile is amazing! i to have tried to get names across to him ...and he has also tried with me but some thing always stops us. the most recent i was standing in a golden field surrounded by mountains he apeared and showed me the way out but he took me to a house ..i went to the door and nocked and elderly man answerd and let me in then i saw the man in my dreams come stumbling out of his room with his hair looking a hot mess and a huge smile ..i attempted to write my name in the dream but i do not know if he could see it. i understand how you feel ...dont listen to the people who tell you no she's not out there...listen to your heart. i know my guy is out there some where thinking the same of me ..i can feel him every time my heart beats. i'm not saying stop having a life and sleep all the time lol i'm just saying look for her if you can draw ..then draw her face and post it every where online..i'm sure she'll see it some day.

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    Default Late reply.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dreamer1693 View Post
    did the man that you dreamed of dream of you?
    Namaste ~ I haven't been to this site in ages but just now got a message. Yes, he did dream of me too, years ago. Saw me in a vision as his wife and I think it freaked him out to meet me. :) He doesn't usually remember dreams.
    "Man did not weave the web of life. He is merely a strand in it. Whatever he does to the web he does to himself." ~ Chief Seattle

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    Question I've had a similar dream two nights ago.

    In my dream I'm led through a cave/tunnel and exit into an auditorium. It's like a school there and I'm there to see a show. I take several chairs, moving to get a better view of the program, but strangely don't remember actually seeing a show. When it is over I realize that I've left my purse at one of the first seats that I had moved from to get a better view. I go back and find it, but it has been opened. There were some Christmas cards unopened in the purse and someone has gone through it and opened the cards. One of the cards had had a gift certificate in it, but it is gone. Only the envelope from the certificate is there. I take the purse with me and begin looking for the tunnel to leave, but can't find it.

    In the hallway there is a man that I may have seen once or twice before, but have never really spoken to. He walks up and pulls me aside into a place where we can talk. Although I'm pleased to see him, I can't imagine what he wants to talk about. He begins to express passionate feelings for me, but not overtly. He is formal and sly. I understand what he means, that he is interested in me, and that he is really into me. I pretend that I don't fully get his meaning though. I'm too surprised to dive in and reciprocate, so I give polite encouragement, but don't over do it. During this conversation, from which I don't remember any words, I feel deeper feelings, more passion, more deeply touched that I can ever recall feeling either awake or asleep. In the dream I walk away from the conversation totally bedazzled.

    I've been very puzzled by this dream. Wondering who the man could be. In real life the person in the dream is a minor celebrity, but I'm not really sure if he was meant to represent something. He plays Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies, but before that he had done a few romance type movies including Sense and Sensibilities. For some reason that line from the new Harry Potter movie, "That's right. I'm the Half-Blood Prince." keeps coming to mind.

    Anyway for some reason I don't want to forget this dream. I feel like I should try to remember the vivid emotions in it. Don't know why though. Ideas anyone????

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    Default same thing here!

    I have the same thing going on with me, ever since I was like, 5, I have dreams about this guy everyone once in a long while. Like, once or twice every year. They used to be only around my b-day in the summer, but I had one last night lol. My friend says that he's definitely my soulmate =) <3 I just hope I get to find him someday. Maybe one of these dreams I'll remember his name. These dreams seem very real too, I can feel and think. Also, I'm only 14, so I guess I have a while to meet him, if only it would happen now lol. Good luck with your dreamgirl =)
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    I too have had a dream like this, in fact it's the reason why I just joined this forum. I had this dream quite a while back, I'd say at least 7 years, I'm 25 now. I was pretty chubby at the time and only got bigger over those 7 years. In my dream though I was in quite fit which I thought was a little wierd, and I was kissing her goodbye. No words were exchanged, just a very passionate kiss. This is one of the very few dreams that I remember, I don't do it often.

    I almost forgot about this dream until recently, because I think I may have met her. she actually lives very close to me, and is 4 years younger than me.

    I'm fit now, but have long hair and a beard. I havn't kissed her yet, but hope to do so soon. And I might just shave the head and beard, like the dream.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fantasticpow View Post
    I've been dreaming every once a while each year of this girl I've never met or seen before.

    Everytime I meet her, we're always in a relationship romance situation. Perhap its my subconscious creating an image of a woman of my fantasy. But it doesn't make sense to the fact that when I see her, I know her so well as though I'm living in another life with the existance of her. When I wake up, I would forget everything, even her name.

    Lets just say, if I dream of myself in a relationship, it will always be this same woman.

    Why, and what does this all mean? Oh I'm single.
    She is what you call your soul mate. But the bad part about it is, you will not see her until it's your turn to cross over. It doesn't mean that you won't find a great young lady now, but the woman you are dreaming of is in fact your soul mate.

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    Default sorry for re-starting this old post

    I am really sorry for resurrecting this old post but the topic is close to my heart and it didn't feel right to start a new thread altogether.

    I have been dreaming of who I believe to be my soulmate for many years. He has been with me through so much (that sounds so corny!).

    I am desperate to meet him and need advice. Should I simply continue with my life and let fate decide? Should I see a psychic or look for this person? I wouldn't know where to start.

    I feel, deep inside, that I am meant to meet this person. Am I crazy?

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