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    Default Zombie Dreams

    I too have had recurring zombie dreams and honestly, reading that so many people have the same issue offers me no comfort. As a matter of fact it disturbs me. I'm really hoping that this is a dream archetype rather than a premonition. I live a few miles away from one of the largest gene study centers. Prime location for an outbreak, lol. These dreams have been getting worse for me. Most traumatizing one yet was walking through a dark room full of zombies dodging grabbing arms trying to get to a door at the end. The only exit. I always know when a dream is about to start. Everything gets dark and sinister. I'm normally barricaded in a room trying to find a way out. Several times I've woken up to the room being overrun. I've had it with this. It makes sleeping not restful. But it's still several steps up from the sleep paralysis that likes to mess with me from time to time. Once there was even growling while it was happening. And when I would snap out of it, everytime I tried to relax it came on again till I finally gave up on sleep. Yes, I know, I have issues. Probably some I'm not facing to have so many sleep disturbances. I'm hoping to overcome. But there are other types of wake up calls my subconscious can throw at me, sheesh!

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    dude, I totally have the same dream. I mean, I am not even afraid of them. In the last dream, I was carrying two machine guns, a shot gun and a revolver into my friends attic. We were trying to convince other guys to go with us and they were just looking at us thinking we were nuts.

    This time I didn't even actually saw a zombie but it's the second dream this week. Sometimes I die. Like you, I am not scared but I actually enjoy them, like seeing a movie.

    It helps that I do like zombies flicks like Dawn of the Dead, 28 days later.
    I've recently seen a british mini series called Dead Set which I think triggered the dreams again.

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    Default zombies in dreams

    I have been havin the same kind of nightmares for about 20 years now. All of them having to do with being chased and hiding from zombies. Now in my waking life, i enjoy the occasional scary movie, but in my nightmares (which happen a couple times a week), Im so frightened that I wake up in cold sweats and have woke myself and my son up screaming. Ive been on what seems like a million different dream sites and that mumbo jumbo just doesnt satisfy me. I just dont know what to do to make them go away.
    Tonights dream was what seems to be the scariest by far. In this one, Im hiding in what looks like a huge warehouse. Outside, through a window, I can see zombies walking through a small body of water, possibly a creek? The fear that radiates through my body makes it impossble for me to move and before I can regain my composure, I am noticed looking out this window by the undead. I look down at my hands a notice that I am not equipped with any weapon at all! Looking around, Im pannicking because there seems to be nothing around and nowhere to hide! I spot a closet, but when i open the door, there are already people whom I dont recall ever seeing before hiding for thier lives as well. Finally I find a meeting room with a big desk inside and crawl under it, still with no weapon to be found and await my fate. Hearing screams from the people in the closet, I hear that the zombies have made it inside. Im in a state of shock when the door opens and the moaning and screaming gets unbearably loud in my ears. I woke up, but not before Im confronted by two zombies that literally pick the desk up from around me and expose me in the fetal position. I cant take much more of this. Im not planning to even try to go back to sleep. im so scared, Im still shaking!
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    Default Apocolyptic Zombies

    Man I just had another apoclypse dream - its usually aliens or Zombies but this one last night was a really vivid zombie dream. I was so affected by it that I actually thought I was still in the dream when I woke up but was confused because at the end of my dream I finally got bit. LOL I thought my gf was my mom and we were hiding lol....I actually had to get up, look out the window for zombies, turn on the radio to see if anyone was getting eaten - that was how vivid it was.

    We were living in a corporate high rise building - pretty much only a handful of people left in the world. I think there was 5 then 3 of us and a cat. Well, my mom and gf wanted to go get a makeover since we had been living like this (in hiding) for years but zombies got my girl during the escapade. Mom and I made it back but the cat got out. My stupid self opened a door, right as I was saying everything was secured, and almost let all the zombies who had followed us home in. I remember, one zombie girl could have bit me, her teeth touched my hand but it was like I willed her to be understanding and she was confused for a split second and I got my hand back in the door. I scrubbed it but I didnt want to take any chances turning into a zombie and attacking my mom we said our sad goodbyes and I went outside to try my luck surviving. I was doing pretty good but my zombie cat (who had got out and gotten bit) was too fast for me, even though I was lightening fast on my feet and making these incredible rooftop to rooftop jumps. Finally, on the last rooftop, with nowhere left to go, I let her bite me. I knew she wanted to and mentioned as much to her. Just told her I loved her and held out my hand which she then bit into as I woke up.

    I have been plagued by dreams of the apocolypse all my life, each time it gets more and more vivid. As the years go by, they are more and more detailed. It is said in the end times that young men will receive visions and old men will recieve dreams. I am now 37. I have also had a couple of visions when I was younger. I'm no crazy I'm an accountant/musician.

    My email address is if anyone can help me? Please tell me if any of this means anything to you?

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    Hi Dirty x , You are very wise, and and are a lot more important than others think. You don't have as much troubles with convincing non- family members that you are all that, but still some of your friends take you for a grain of salt. Most of you problems are more close to home, your very own family members don't seem to think that you have it together, but you do. Remember that a prophet is not known in his home town. Don't fight them so hard, just control you own emotions an speak to your self with love. Don't take this life so serious. The ball is in your court. As you begin to grow all of the difficult problems you had with the people in your life will change, and the ones who took you for granted will began to realize that you really know what you are talking about. When they laugh at you, laugh back, and walk away and forget about it, and begin a new day of expectancy. Act like you are and important person like( the president, a movie star, or a famous person). Have fun and believe in yourself. There are people who really believe what you say. You don have nothing to prove, just give them their stuff, and you keep your God. You will work hard and find a way to get through to them in time. You are beginning to notice a new you, right now. build up your confidence. Don't walk by emotion, but by faith. but love everyone with emotion. i know that you are light years ahead of them dead heads. most people don't follow leaders, but the ones that know what they are doing. be blessed.

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