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    Default Zombies in Dreams. WTF?

    Ok, for about 2-3 years, I have had this re-occurring dream about Zombies taking over the world. I am usually in my own home town, but when I am not I'm ALWAYS in a big building, such as a Dormatory, Hotel, Civic Centers, Stores etc. places with lots of people in them. I have this dream 2, 3 sometimes 4 times a week. In this dream I seem to be the only one taking what's happening seriously and am ususally the one to look for weapons, boarding up windows & doors, checking supplies. Almost everybody in these dreams are very inept, opening doors, walking outside, getting bitten or almost killed. They never seem to grasp the severity of the situation! I sometimes go trough a couple of weapons killing them (zombies), never any guns, just things you can swing so you can imagine how gory these dreams are when I do have to kill some of them. Most of the time they're George Romero-esque, slow moving easy to kill if you keep moving. Only a couple of time have the sprinted towards me & past me.
    I can't really call these dreams Nightmares, as I no longer am afraid when I have them, I would say my mood gets frantic and I am more or less "ready" and know what I have to do and go to it. That almost always involves taking care of other "surviors". I have only been touched once in these dreams by a zombie, during one dream in which they were fast-moving and overwhelming the building I was in. 3 ran for me, I turned around in time to see the first one sprint past me grasping at my shirt and missing as I dodge out of his way. The other 2 ran at me a little slower and I was able to dodge left & right to avoid them, until the rest of the horde turned the same corner the first 3 came from. I knew I was trapped and would get eaten, that's was when I realized, hey I'm dreaming another Dawn of The Dead dream and woke myself up just like that. That was the only time they have ever gotten close to killing me, and the only time I had the presence of mind to awaken myself out of a zombie dream.

    Has anyone else had the same happen to them? Anyone had one nightmare occurr so often, you no longer consider it a nightmare?
    Just wanted to know if anyone could tell me why in the hell I keep dreaming like I do and what does it all mean?

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    Simply Zombies if man eater mean people who speak behind the back of people.
    To kill them means to help them or doing a favor to them.
    Each time after your dream you will meet such a person and will help them, also regardingyour dream, most people areused to speak behind the back of the others bad.
    Good luck.
    Dreams are scenes of daily day happenings in real life when interpreted will come and pass.This may happen in the near future in a few days to a month or two.
    People are asleep, when die they will wake up.
    42. God takes the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep; then He withholds those on whom He has passed the decree of death and sends the others back till an appointed term; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.

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    ZOMBIES : When you see a zombie it has no expression on its face as it just mindless walks around unable to think what to do. Think of real life and situation where you felt like a zombie.

    QUESTIONS to help you make associations(pick the one that makes most sense to you)
    - How do you feel like a zombie right now? Do you feel ill and lacking vitality?
    - Did you behave like a zombie yesterday - completely unable to act?
    - Do you get bored by some situation in your life or some task?
    - Is there anyone who bores you senseless?
    - Is your life lacking inspiration right now?

    KEY WORDS : Boredom, paralysis, routine, lack of inspiration, panic , blissfully happy , exhausted, unthinking, unquestioning , lack of stimulation(write down some quotes that capture your key feelings on issues that have been dominating your mind. Then see if any of these words could appear in those quotes)

    KEY PHRASES(Pick a quote which captures your feelings right now. Think especially of the day before the dream) :
    - "I still feel ill and have not properly recovered"
    - "Its just the mindless boredom"
    - "I need something in my life to inspire me"
    - "I have to get myself out of this routine - my mind is simply not stimulated"
    - "I was exhausted and unable to think clearly"
    - "She was panicking yesterday"
    - "Talking to him is like talking to the living dead"
    - "I find it difficult to react in such situations - its like a phobia"
    - "He simply cannot think of anything to say"
    - "Yesterday my mind went totally blank and I could simply not think what to do"
    - "I am unable to think of anything else"
    - "We were just blissfully happy"
    - "Mindlessly accept some ideas"
    - "She just mindlessly repeats the same old arguments - you simply cannot reason with her"
    - "The relationship is not over yet its not really alive"
    - "I am trying to keep my creative ideas flowing but I get bogged down and stuck"

    Its best to see how dreams relate to certain themes. For instance fighting often links to frustrations and resentments. Instead of trying to make blanket judgments about the dream just see if you can make any loose association with resentful emotions. Were you resentful the day before? Was someone else resentful and frustrated the day before? Just see if you can make any loose association with that word. Also fighting can link to issues where you are really facing a struggle in life. So try to link a dream to struggles. Were you facing a real struggle the day before? Has life been a real struggle recently? Have you been asked to really put more effort into some task? Try to think in a very loose way to link some issue to the dream. If you make a connection then try seeing how the other dream symbols fit the dreams meaning. Dream symbols can have many meanings. Its a matter of working through the various meanings.

    These pages are especially helpful in showing you how to interpret dreams

    Dream symbolism and dream dictionary interpretation - How to interpret dreams Interpreting dreams
    Dream symbolism - How to use dream symbols Triggers for dreams
    A dream dictionary that explores the variety of meanings in a dream symbol Dream dictionary

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    Default x

    hey there.

    so you've been dreaming about the whole zombie killing thing, have you? well, me too. i've been wondering the web lookijg for away to stop the dreaming. i'm either doing what you're doing or runing away. so if you've found any websites on STOPPING this let me know, please.
    thank you :}

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    yeah theres prolly a rumor goin around about u that u dont kno about people r talking about u behind yer back

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    Default Frigging Zombies:

    I have had similar dreams, only the people in my dreams are PANICKING. The zombies are extremely fast moving, almost super human. I always have weapons (seeing as how I collect rifles and handguns), and I always end up in large buildings like sky scrapers or Military bunker structures. I don't know how to make the dreams stop, but I guess I am not as cool headed about it as you, I wake up in cold sweats and normally out of my bed.... the other night I woke up in my kitchen with my ruger in my hand...... disturbing right!? I need to find a way to stop dreaming about this.... have you found anything to help you?

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    Default zombie dream, too

    I had a zombie dream recently.

    I was in this yard, and started digging up some mound covered in long, damp grass. I peeled back the grass, and under it was a blue and white knitted afghan. I dreaded what I'd find under that, but I had to keep digging. There was this wig-type plain feature-less Styrofoam head with long hair on it, and then eyes appeared on the head, like blinking liquid real-life eyes, and it became a zombie woman, and I kept trying to kill it even though I knew it was dead. And I hated that I was trying to kill it, especially because she was already dead!

    And when I woke up, I knew that she was a character from a book I'm writing in real life, a book I've been neglecting. And now I know that I have to finish the book. It won't die. And it's not a threat to me. It wants to live.

    I have had other recurring dreams over the years and I can tell I've evolved past whatever those issues were the dreams have stopped. I think not being afraid of the dreams (and as they are happening) is a starting point in that process.

    One thing to look at is how you take action (or not). (Fight or flight)
    And also, if everything in the dream is YOU, what part of them is you? (I know it's a stretch sometimes, but you can't see what isn't in you.)
    And everything in the dream is also what it is--the people you see around you in life, who are on auto-pilot.
    What if you could talk to the zombies? What would they say? Can you try to tell yourself that next time?
    And finally, what part of life are you really checked out of that you need to re-awaken? Or let go of?

    And by the way, wasn't 28 Days & 28 Days Later great movies!!???

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    Default hey man same here

    hey ive been having these dreams for years......i dont think any of this zombie no face = emotions BS because my zombies do have faces that show something that makes me not fear them but want to kill them and normally in my dream some one close to me dies and i go in a crazy rampage klling hundreds of these zombies and in other its liek 10 yrs in the future and the world is overrun and me and some other survivors are trying to stay alive and finsd other.....normally me and like 5 others are armed to the teeth with guns swords grenades and other weapons , sometimes i have powers ( i know weird but in the dream its kinda cool ) , but almost 90% of the times i end up dying saving the others either letting htem hop on a helicopter while i stay behind and hold back hordes of zombies or i get bitten and have to let them go without me. i actually like these dreams and the thought of fighting to the death and trying to fight for survival........idk if this chats stil lgoing but anyone have any ideas what they mean?!?!

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    I just found this website and posted a thread for the same kind of reason. (I started a thread under Zombie Survival - 28 Days Later meets I Am Legend).
    That often a recurrence is astonishing! I appreciated the great advice from unclesirbobbyrobson and monkey69. I don't dream about zombies so much, but enough so that I was finally compelled to search this site out. It's kinda comforting to know other folks like us here have these dreams, but man, I don't want them. Good luck y'all.

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    Dreams are linked often to vital brain processes. They are linked to how we store feelings and thoughts in our minds. In real life you may say "People are just not thinking- they are stuck in their own way of thinking". Yet a dream expresses the same feeling by having zombies in it. So a zombie may say that you think people are like zombies... unable to think for themselves ... unable to comprehend whast happeneing

    One good piece of advice for undewrstanding dreamns is that they link especiially to recent events. they capture thoughts and feelings often from the day before. Try to guess what a dream is about. Whatbig incidents happened. What moments of meaning made you really think? even if they were on tv? What long term changes are currently taking place in your life(new job? relationships? health changes? )


    People expect too much from dream dictionaries. Can you really expect a dream dictionary to provide an explanation of what your dream means simply because it included a particular symbol? Itís an absurd suggestion. The best comparison is to expect someone what a sentence means by just giving them one word within it. For instance to ask someone what a sentence means that includes the word "soldier". In reality the process in almost impossible. There are so many different ways that the word can be used that interpreting the dream just by spotting one word within it is simply ridiculous. The word soldier can be used in many different ways such as "I need to soldier on", "we have not got enough soldiers in Iraq", and "I want to be a soldier when I grow up".

    So why do people expect a dream interpreter to be able to simply understand a dream by the inclusion of one symbol. In practice dream symbolism work in much the same way as ordinary dictionaries. A soldier can represent themselves but they can also be used in a wider context to show the types of qualities that a soldier exhibits (toughness and the ability to endure hardship and follow rules). So think how anyone of those symbolic meanings relates to recent events. Itís really important to use a process of association. Associate the dream symbol with real life thoughts. First ask yourself if the symbol could represent itself. Did you think of any real life soldiers the day before? But also consider the qualities that soldierís exhibit. Did those same qualities have any relevance the day before? Did you need to follow rules and be disciplined? Did the same seem like a constant struggle? Also consider the day to come and see how that relates to possible symbolic meanings. Did you resolve to soldier on in some difficult situation?

    Work though all the symbols in the same way and see what real life issues can best fit the real situation in your life. But also consider telepathy and premonitions as they too are part of the many aspects of dreaming.

    Try these pages as they help you understand the process of dreaming

    Dream dictionary symbols - How to analyse and interpret dreams
    Dreams analyzed - How to use dreams symbols
    Dream dictionary interpretation - How to interpret dreams
    Dream interpreting - the police and security forces and their symbolic meaning

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