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    Default i also had numerous dreams about the end of the world

    Quote Originally Posted by XtremeGirl View Post
    well i can tell you that i also dreamed of the end of the world. i dreamed that i was looking at the sky which was blue..and then suddenly it just turned into the it was in flames...then i began yelling to everyone....<its the end of the world>,,,,all people came out and was looking at the sky startled....there was something else in the sky, a devil-like green creature...everyone felt scared....there was no electricity..everything stopped working...even phones...vehicles.....
    i woke up then feeling strange....

    i also dream of many things..and these things really happen after a few days..recently i dreamed of a young girl in hospital...she was in danger....and the next day i heard about a young girl in my family who attempted suicide and was in hospitalised...her life was in danger...

    there are many dreams like this which came true..i don't know why
    I've heard alot of ppl talking about a red sky. I had 2 that i can remember like that. I can recall my first dreams about the end of the world about 3 years ago. My first dream i had was of me being with my family all together outside having a traditional ceremony (im native american). The sky is already red and all at once everyone stops what they're doing and looks at the sun...and then its falls or something..and everyone is screaming frantically and crying and my father myself and a few other men are walking south with something in our hands and thats the dream.

    a few weeks later i have a similar dream but this one is the moon. it also falls.this one we are just outside doing nothing but watching...waiting for something to happen and boom the moon disappears.

    LAST NIGHT...i had a dream about a beautiful blue-sky day . It was in the morning and the sun was bright. It was december 21st 2012 but it feltlike a warm spring day...hardly no clouds or anything just a good day. I remember thinking about the whole mayan calendar thing and i looked at everyone all over and no one was freakin out or anything. no one believed it including me. I walked to the library and the internet is filled with pop ups with "is today the end?" type of ads. I left the library and seen everyone walkin the streets talking about it amongst themselves. When i get to my fathers house he is reading a newspaper and i ask him what he thinks...he just says something like he doesnt believe it or something. So then we go out side and the sky is getting darker on one side. Everyone is staring at this one particular side of the sky and its getting like to a sunset looking sky(RED) and u can see bright stars(planets im thinking) all lining up slowly as the sky proceeds to get darker. I remember feeling a great deal of sadness i wasnt ready to go i knew it was the end. I almost started to cry and i hear screams and cries all over town ..people running all over the place wild. from there my dream gets movie-ish i see like a ocean on fire and coastal cities being destrroyed.

    I dunno what to make of it all.maybe it was the media on the mayan prophecy that triggered the dream. I was always told that your dreams do in fact tell u things but also not to take ur dreams so literal. Maybe i need to change something about me or im not doing something. Or maybe it means what it means i dont know. i just felt like i should share a few similar dreams i had that stuck out in my mind.

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    Default End of the world (BLACK SKY HUGE GRAY CLOUDS)

    I dont remember how my dream started just how it ended. I was looking up at the sky and it was pitch black with huge gray clouds. It was very windy and trees, homes,cars and people were being sucked up into the sky into huge black holes in space. I can hear screaming and load noises of destruction. I don't know where my two little girls our my husband are but I do see my best friend and her husband. I tell them to use his belt to tie themselves together and find something to hold on to. I then run into a house I have never seen before close the door and hold on to door knob. I can feel the presure of the roof being sucked off then me being sucked into the sky. Then everything goes silent and I am trapped in a small dark space and I can feel and hear water dripping. I was crying and saying out loud (which woke me) please god don't let my girls be in any pain. This dream has left me pretty upset. Does anyone have an outlook on this for me?

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    Dark sky and black clouds means a gods wrath and a disaster in the region is on the way.
    Hard and harsh wind means a cruel governor or an epidemie in the region.

    If trees were derooted means a few people will die.

    The roof of the house means the husband of that house if sucked means a disaster for them.
    You prayed to God means you will remain safe.

    Good luck.
    Dreams are scenes of daily day happenings in real life when interpreted will come and pass.This may happen in the near future in a few days to a month or two.
    People are asleep, when die they will wake up.
    42. God takes the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep; then He withholds those on whom He has passed the decree of death and sends the others back till an appointed term; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.

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