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    Yes, myself I have been having recurring dreams of something disastrous forcing me to leave with nothing, this has inspired me to order everything I need during such a journey this week, and in addition have bought and secured permits for more weapons, so that my younger brother and I will have full gear when the catastrophy hits, I have a Beretta police shotgun and HK 9mm pistol, will give the pistol over to my brother when I recieve my HK pistol in 45 ACP, have ordered suppressors for both, and ordered an AR15 with 30-roun magazines and a suppressor, and I have bought a Tikka sniper rifle in 7.62x51 for my brother and we have ordered a suppressor for that one also, along with gore-tex and kermel-viscose uniforms, optics, camoflage, thousands of rounds of ammunition, months of canned meats an foods for four including a hundred kilos of rice, salt, sugar, flour, powdered milk, cooking oil, aluminum cans of soda, a whole winters supply of firewood for our two wooden stoves, and oh yeah a couple of swords, axes and spears, and we have gold jewelry, trading goods and a 10 000$ pot of money cashed out and at hand and plans to max out our credits on the last food available, in addition to enough for the whole year, and not plow the driveway for the remainder of the decade and then some. Oh and I may just get myself a sniper rifle too, Steyr SSG69 (with a suppressor) probably.
    We're talking 20 000$ worth of weapons alone. (This is not america, but that IS american dollars...)

    My only regret is that I could not afford to build a house five times bigger and fill it with supplies to last seven years instead of a few.

    All this was afforded by - not partying, not being social, buying one pair of clothes a quarter, - but I certainly didn't work for the last 6 months, but do deserve the money.

    And a big warm thank you to america for making all my purchases this week so cheap because of the falling dollar :)
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    Lightbulb I am impressed

    I am impressed with Rocketsquirrel and Tomas' posts and will take them seriously. It is now becoming more and more clear to anyone who watches the world stock markets that the US is facing imminent recession. The dollar is plunging against most world currencies. I take heart from the statement "the world recovers same week-US does not". Being from India, and an astrologer myself, I can say that the next one year will be bad for the US but good for India and some other parts of Asia like China. But the real catastrophe may happen only around Dec 2008-Jan 2009. The US Presidential elections are scheduled for 4 November, 2008. It is entirely possible that Bush Jr. may hand over a crown of thorns to his successor and the New govt will discover some very unpleasant surprises after it comes to power. The catastrophe will happen when the new government makes the skeletons in the outgoing govt's cupboards public.

    I have made a mental note of the significant take aways from Brian Ladd's dream. a) The timing of the crash is likely to be when 1 Euro = 3.5 $ approx. (but there maybe some more meaning to it)
    b) The world stock markets will crash on a Monday after the US crashes on a Friday.
    c)World recovers same week. US does not.


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    I had a dream many months ago where I saw the OSE go from something high and down to 143 or 243 in one day. I remember sitting in front of my computer and having just logged onto the stock exchange after working or being out all day. It is now 475.

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    moving up so I can review this
    Psalm 112:5
    Good will come to him who is generous and lends freely, who conducts his affairs with justice.

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    U.S. Government bails out loan giants worth billions, they did this with Crysler awile back, the only difference is the government is basicly takin over, and now they want to regulate the bankin industry, they already do it now to a certain pointe. Any large amount of money deposited into an account is "flagged" reported and investigated. Oil giants keep there profits and are making money hand over fist. This has driven up the price of everything else food, durable goods, services, etc. Now the american public has felt the pinch increasingly everyday since 911. The havenots have to go to the haves just for mere crumbs and are literally being raped when they do. Did I forget to mention health care costs- insurance, medicine, college tuition, these things have inflated more, and more than 100% in the last few decades. To get a loan for anything you need sterling credit and hope someone doesn't steal your identity when you do. The dollar is shrinking in value, is this just an ebb and flow in the U.S. or world econimy, or is there "more than meets the eye"? There is more than enouph recources on the earth to sustain the population, but why is there people starving, people sick with-out insurance, little hope for the people in poverty? Can they ever escape it? This is going on in the U.S. If someone gets sick or hurt will they have enouph to pay there bills, feed there family for an amount of time? Or are we stuck living paycheck to paycheck and if you don't feel good or get sick grin and bear it can't mis work, because the utilities bills are do and winter's here, babies need milk and diapers to name a few for some struggling persons. The answer is they don't care, they have there benifits paid for the top of the parymid stay on top by keepin you down. Do I think the collapse is comin, no. My answer is NO! It's no becuase it already started, on that day. So if you want to be safe reach out to JESUS CHRIST, and don't let go you can't trust your savings, you can't trust the pope, you can't trust the U.N., you CAN'T trust your government to PROTECT you, you can't rely on ANYTHING here. Grab HIS WORD read it , study it, and live it, stay in love and you'll stay in peace.

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    The crisis continues affecting global economy. The worlds watching to see what we do, and how and ''IF'' the U.S. pulls through. Nothing anyone has suggested sounds solid. FBI investigating these loan giants, something smells in all this, and the stench is getting worse. I forget to mention 75% of all the lawyers are in the U.S. where we tax anything that moves, and everyone wants a slice of the pie. The insurance premiums on homes, autos, liability on a buisness and such has gone 100% in the past few decades too. They base part of your rates on credit scores also. Can you honestly say with all these degree's from business men, politicians, lawyers, in the worlds most blessed country these UNITED STATES can find away to stop the bleeding in this democratic, free market economy? All this wisdom, knowledge from these brilliant minds do they have any way to REVERSE this trend? They can't because greed won't let them stop. NO not one candidate can solve this they are not the saviours, no matter how charasmatic or experienced they are or appear to be. How long have they said lets fix social security, lower the cost of perscription drugs, make health insurance affordable for everyone? I can give you a couple suggestions. You can't call yourself a christian if your life does not line up with yor words. Alot of people don't even read the bible, but throw refrences out to people about Jesus Christ and it's obvious they don't know anything. Feed the poor, love everyone, be honest, let your light shine and don't hide it, be generous, work for peace as much as possible, hate sin, pray for wisdom. No these are not the suggestions but this is the start. GOD bless all who read this, peace, hope and love.

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    This a way to do something now. Both presidential candidates take their campaign fund and do something with it, bail out the loan giants, or pay down the debt, turn it over to charity like the salvation army, and all public servants should donate at least a days pay to the bail out of the retard loan giants since they are public servants. Bono said that if we could pay money to these stupid credit institutions we should do something more important like help the children in poverty all over the world. If the presidential canditates really wan't to show their true colors, their heart, if they really want to see or make change or make a difference, then they should donate all the campaigning dollars to a cause that would RESCUE people they are trying to lead. Lead by example not by fancy speeches. IF THEY DID THIS THEY WOULD CAPTURE EVERY HEADLINES IN THE WORLD. Every one already knows who they are everywhere, they still get media attention, they still will be recognized no matter what. Unfortunatly they probably will not do any thing like this , unfoutunatly public servants will not publicaly give up a days pay too, so I am more than happy to assist in feeding the poor with my wages that are much less than that our public servants and I will have made a difference that pleases GOD more than the same old song and dance routine of fancy words, dirty politics, mud slinging of the public servants that ruin I mean run the UNITED STATES. DOES anyone like this idea yes or no, please reply.
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    Default Some Insight

    Just as an afterthought, the number 12 is significant. This refers to your 11 years of boom and 1 year of bust (12 total).

    12 is the number of Divine Government.

    12 member jury
    12 tribes of Israel
    12 Apostles with Jesus being 13 (odd man out Judas leaves 12 again)

    The first thing that came to me with your three rimmed wheel is Ezekiel's "wheel within a wheel"

    Just my thoughts.

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    Default hi

    hi my name is steven and this is totally weird but about a year ago i had a dream that was kind of sketchy but all i could remember was chaos im not shure about to much else but but the last thing that i remember before i woke up was the date april 10th 2010 forever i couldnt figure out what it might be and why out of all that nonsense something like that burned into my brain and i read ur thing was kindof creeped out and i dont believe in coincidences but i geuss we will find out when that day comes

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    Default 2010 Revelation

    I was in light sleeping when I heard a voice from Heaven (I hope)....

    "I AM COMING APRIL 2010"
    (I have been in communication with Angels and the Heavenly Host so this is nothing new to me - what is exciting is GOD'S Promise to give advance warning or "heads up" before HE does anything!)

    What does this mean? I don't know! Yes, I asked, "Is this the Blessed Hope"?
    I was met with silence.

    So I am left with the possibilities.....will HE pour HIS Spirit over HIS Very Elect in April?

    Will HE come to rescue Israel in April?

    Will come to provide provisions for HIS Very Elect during chaos in April?

    I am hoping HE IS COMING FOR US A.K.A. >>> R A P T U R E!

    In the mean time: An Open Letter To Home Churches

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