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    Default *rolls eyes*

    K, can someone other than this Wolfjk person provide some insight. It's obvious he/she has never had any prolific or meaningful dreams and has the amount of widsom and insight as a flea. With no offense to the flea family.

    I don't care if you claim to have studied dreams for 30 or 60 years, you honestly have no business trying to interpret dreams.

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    When I looked down the list of posts and saw yours I was floored! I have dreams like that a lot, and as a matter of fact just posted my first dream on this site--a toilet dream. I guess great minds flow in the same pipes! Crazy isn't it? :flush:

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    My dream is along the same lines as these ones, but it always starts off as me going to the washroom. Then suddenly I become aware that it is not a private spot. I agree that it is linked somewhat to my body actually needing to relive itself. But I do so the dead in my dream, the main focus is always on someone interrupting me or being able to see me or talking to me. It really strange. I have been having this dream for quite a few years now. Any ideas?

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    Default Dirty Bathrooms entire life I have dreamed about dirty, disgusting, bathrooms. Just last night, as a matter of fact. Usually, there are other people around, and sometimes there are no doors or stalls...and often times I'm naked. Not sure why, but it is comforting knowing there are others out there like me. Thank you all for sharing and offering your interpretations. You've given me a lot to ponder.

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    Exclamation Re: jesicKa-- Awful Bathroom Dreams!!

    I just 'Googled' this phenomenon I've been dealing with for some time now, and "jesicKa" EXACTLY expressed my experience of this AWFUL DREAM!!

    Quick Note: I oftentimes have the most UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS, primal, elemental dreams (sand, water, the Moon, in 5-dimensions, and I can fly, it's incredible, totally beats the hell outta waking life...). Sometimes I have movie-length, plot-driven dreams (someone stick a Panavision Camera in my head at night, and I'll totally WRECK M. Night Shamalayan!!).

    But, alas, the DISGUSTING BATHROOM DREAMS have haunted me for years, now. They must have to do with shame, guilt, etc. It's always like this:

    I'm in a public place (mall/ airport/ wherever), looking for a toilet (gotta go no. 2), and when I finally find a bathroom, like others on this post-board here have said: there are either showers, but no toilets, or a combination of the two, but, ALWAYS, I'm barefoot, and the bathroom is DISGUSTING, with excrement in the toilets, and/ or piss on the floor, I'm trying to tiptoe, to not soil my feet/ body, I finally choose a stall, always gross, and no matter how hard I try (to "hover/ adjust"), the stall door is falling off or too small (and there's no privacy), and/ or I'm trying so hard not to get my clothes full of sh*t/ urine, and there's NEVER any toilet paper. Inevitably, I get the muck on me, have nothing to clean it with, and feel horrified & disgusting.

    I HATE this dream, and all of its manifestations. Help!!

    P.S.-- Super-cool that once I got up the guts to look this up online, I find other chicks with the same, horrible- themed, icky dream! Cheers, Girls!

    Quote Originally Posted by jesicKa View Post
    First I have to say, I am in absolute dismay that there are also others who have struggled with this dream for a lifetime! I just googled "Reoccuring Bathroom Dreams" and this site popped up!

    Ever since I was a little kid, up until now, I've had bathroom dreams. The bathrooms can be anywhere, mostly in schools, or movies (populated areas)-But the restrooms are always HUGE, some even have showers, but they are always so GROSS-completely unsanitary. Urine and feces everywhere, water leaking, paint chipping off the walls...I always encounter some sort of problem that destroys my chance of going to the restroom: No toilet paper, someone doing drugs in the next stall, no toilet seat, feces in the toilet, blood on the toilet seat, it's insane!!!

    I do not think these dreams have to do with money. I believe these bathroom dreams have something to do with confronting an issue(s) deep inside our conscious that we are 1.) Afraid to confront 2.) cannot confront because it is so deep down inside, we are blind to it.

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    Exclamation Same Dream, Next Level. Ugh.

    Actually, the other night, this dream went to the next level for me.

    I have just moved to a new country, and adopted a sweet dog, but am living on a shoestring, so MAYBE (maybe, but I doubt it), these dreams are about fiscal issues.

    So, the dream:

    I am at a fancy, very large, restaurant place, and all of a sudden, I get what I think is diarrhea, and I'm desperate for a bathroom (not a chance, in these f-ed up dreams), and then it turns out I'm bleeding/ sh-tting out of my anus. I'm TERRIBLY embarrassed, everyone around is SUPER-DISGUSTED, but, F*CK! I'm BLEEDING, PROFUSELY, out of my rear orafice!! I need an ambulance, MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, but people are only just reacting in a disgusted manner.

    Maybe this one's a little more obvious, regarding translation. I really sort of am freaking out, moving across the world, but, still, I see this as a very much built-up version of the original dream that we all seem to share...

    ...The feelings of SHAME & DISGUST are almost UNBEARABLE... no?

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    Default Amazing

    ok. My whole family thinks I'm completely insane because of this reocurring dreams I have about bathrooms. They all have the same theme, but different locations. I have to GO, REALLY bad. and I can't find a bathroom, but when I finally do, it's just like everyone else said, it's disgusting and the stall doors don't cover you at all, or the bathroom is actually made of glass. So, everyone can see me. One time it was in the middle of a football field and the bathroom was a big glass room in the middle of the field and I was very torn between crapping on my self of letting everyone see me go.
    I've also had a dream that I had to go and the only place to go was on a glass enclosed ski lift that was also the toilet. But, I went on the ski lift in the seat and it was dripping down the seat. It's all very disturbing and when I wake up I'm so upset because no one would help me find a bathroom that was not made of glass or had doors. I've had these dreams my whole life and I don't think it's my subconscience trying to wake me up to make me go pee, because I've never peed in the bed or anything. and when I wake up, I don't have to go.

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    Lightbulb Re: jesicKa-- Awful Bathroom Dreams!!

    Hello all! It's incredible that these dreams are just like mine! However I've noticed that my restroom isn't always filthy. Sometimes the restroom is pristine, but almost always has ppl standing around talking (men and women). The reoccurring feeling I've been having whether the bathroom is clean or filthy, is that I can't use it for fear of the exposure. As NYC_Girl mentioned, there's feelings of shame a guilt..and in mine its usually because there's no stall door, or the door does not provide privacy and ppl are walking by and looking in...usually disgusted. And I just can't release my pee/poo.

    MY DREAM: However, last night I had a different scenario. In this dream I was in a diner and working on some freelance graphic work on a laptop. I was in a town that wasn't my home. In fact it felt like I had traveled to another town/state for a few months and was worried if I'd have enough money to stay in that new place. Anyhow a guy sitting one table away tries to say something to me, like, "Hi, you seems cool, my name is---" (or something like that) but before he could finish I felt the urge to pee, felt embarrassed, then rushed off to the restroom. Unlike all the other bathroom dreams, this time the bathroom was clean, with working toilets (no showers), and with adequate privacy. So for once I was able to use the toilet with ease! However when it came to wiping, I realized I didn't have any paper. So I saw a little bit hanging under the stall wall from the other side, and when I gave it a yank, the walls of the stall plopped down, and the walls of the stall across from me also came down exposing me and another woman. She was sooooo furious, but I was so overcome with shame and guilt that I couldn't bring myself to apologize.

    INTERPRETATION 1: A couple things about this dream makes me wonder if this feeling of being exposed and guilt/shame has anything to do with my inadequacies of intimacy. As of late I've been coming to terms with my fear of intimacy (both emotional and physical), and have realized that this fear is stemmed in shame of my sexuality. Like I literally shy away when my boyfriend gazes at me when I'm naked. And it's not like he's being vulgar, but he is expressing his sexual urges, and that makes me uncomfortable. Much like how I feel when I'm exposed on the toilets in my dreams. Also when they guy tried to talk to me in my dream, before I got the urge to pee, I had the thought "Oh no, he's going to try to ask me out. But I'm not interested. Need to get out of this situation!"

    I'm not sure if anyone has had a similar religious upbringing as mine, but I was made to feel like my sexuality and sexy bits were naughty. So naturally in the exposed stall I felt guilt and shame, like the ppl passing by being disgusted were disgusted that I was exposing myself....and not realizing that it wasn't my fault because the door was gone or the walls magically disappeared. Has anyone else made this connection?

    INTERPRETATION 2: I can also make the correlation that not being able to pee/poo could be related to not being able to expel some conscious or unconscious stress that has been building up. Or maybe, there is information that you have inside of you that you desperately want to let go of. But there is the fear of how you will be seen by others once the info has escaped your lips. The crowded ppl in the public restroom could be the ppl in your life, or your captive audience (whether that be an online community, or your co-workers, or your school mates, etc). The reason I don't say "family" or "friends" is because the ppl in the restroom are usually not ppl I'm familiar with.

    Anyhow, I'm no expert, but these are the best interpretations I could think of based on my life experiences. I hope it has given some insight to some of you out there. And if not, thanks for listening!

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