Back means a supporter.
If dreamt his back broke means there is a danger for his supporter.
If dreamt his back was hurt means his supporter will be hurt.
Backbone means his child or his power.
If dreamt his back was big and strong means will have a wise strong child.
If dreamt was carrying a load if was hard to carry means a sorrow.
If dreamt was carrying a dead body on his back means he must pay for the dead person's family .
If dreamt his back was bent means his situation will get worse.
If dreamt his enemies back means he will be safe from them.
If dreamt a woman's back means the blessings will turn back from him.
Back also means a brother if his back broke means his brother is in danger.
If his back ached means will have a sorrow because of his brother.
If dreamt someone branded his back for an illness, means his material , religious affairs will arrange.
If dreamt he was leaning his back to a wall means will go to a travel.
If a pagan dreamt a back means will be a believer. If a sinner dreamt about a back means will contrite sins. For a discord means morals.
Back may also mean :
1- power 2- religion brother 3- a companion 4- a governor 5- a minister 6- father , brother, son. 7- money 8- support 9- grandfather.