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    Default Rain

    If one dreamt intense rain out of season means there will be a disaster by an army.
    If dreamt anointed with rain water means will be safe from fears.
    If dreamt was raining over his head and was wet means will go to a travel by benefit.
    If dreamt rain storm was raining on the people, means many people will have heart attacks.
    If dreamt hearing the rain sound , means he will have some dignity.
    If dreamt there was plenty of rain and was streams of rains but didn't hurt him mean there will be a strict governor.
    If dreamt couldn't pass the rain streams , means will get rid of the governors mischief.
    If dreamt it was raining like waterfall means God's wrath and illness.
    If dreamt it was raining only in one spot and wasn't in other spots means pain and illness.
    If dreamt it was drizzle means goodness and benefits.
    Dark intense rain means illness.
    If dreamt it was raining honey means plenty of blessings for people.
    If dreamt he was drinking clear rain water means a year of comfort.
    Drinking dark rain water means pain and illness.
    Rain may also mean : 1- blessing 2- pleading for justice 3- illness 4- disaster 5- war 6- Bloodshed 7- turmoil 8- famine 9- Blasphemy 10- lie.

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    Default Re: Rain

    Varzandeh, can you interpret this dream please?

    I had a dream that I was pregnant and was giving birth to a baby girl. Then I went to my parents old house which was dim in the dream ( Everytime I dream of my parents old house, it is always dim, really no light) I was crying because my mom and my family really didn't care that I just had a baby girl. No one even gave me any gifts or clothes for the baby girl. I had to cover her with one blanket. Only my sister in law was a little caring. I think either my grandma or sister-in law gave me chocolate.

    I was so upset and was crying the whole time, even my husband wasn't there when the baby was born. He came really fast to my parents home, I asked him in a sad tone, why he wasn't there. Anyways I left crying but it was raining kind of heavy and it was also dark outside.

    What does it mean please?

    Thank you!

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