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    Default Eagle

    Would anyone happen to know what a dream with an eagle in it means?

    Please reply.

    Thank you.

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    Well I interpreted a deam once and said that eagles could link to someone who is keeping a keen eye on you. The person replied back saying that this was truly the case. But the eagle is also associated withy order and goodness to a certain extrent .. ratgher than a vulture which would have rather negative and selfish links.

    But also the eagle is the symbol of the United states and so can stand for that. It could link with freedom and liberty or in a negative sense with over bearing and colonial attitudes depending on the dreamers own thoughts and prejudices about america.

    The dream mind is a conceptual mind. So expect the meaning of a dream to be a conceptual meaning. Try to think about the ideas and emotions that are forming in your mind. Dreams can be about health issues, they can be about relationships, they can simply reflect some paranoias in your mind. Simply put dreams are about the STUFF in your mind. So instead of trying to interpret the dream try to think about ideas forming in your mind.

    Whats more dreams concentrate on new feelings. They capture those moments when your feelings change. For instance the moment when you started to mistrust your boyfriend. Try this page as it shows you how to spot the issues which trigger dreams

    Learn how to capture in quotes the concepts and ideas that will be the subject of your dreams

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    If one dreamt an eagle landed in a place, it means a king or a governor will come to that place.
    If dreamt people killed that eagle, the governor or the king will die or will be put aside.
    If dreamt an eagle took him means the president or the governor will support him.
    If dreamt an eagle gave him something by its beak he will receive a gift from the government as much
    as it was worth.
    If dreamt eagle flew from his hand but its rope remained , the governor will get angry of him and will fine him or will push him away.
    If dreamt took an eagle or someone gave him an eagle and that eagle was obey , it means he will be dear by the president or governor.
    If dreamt an eagle took him to the sky, means he will travel for the government and will get some fame.
    If dreamt he took the hunt from an eagle, means he will be the treasurer minister.
    If dreamt an eagle hurt him, by its beak means will have some trouble by the governor and will have some loss.
    If dreamt was fighting with an eagle will have enmity and fight with the king or the governor.
    If dreamt ate an eagle or took its feathers means will receive some money from a governor or king.
    If dreamt an eagle landed on his head means he will have a child who will be a governor.If dreamt had an eagle also means a long life.

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    The Eagle in Greek mythology is associated with Zeus. It is a ->"Bird", therefore can relate to thoughts and ideas, the realm of the sky. It is also a bird of prey, so it can have to do with power and control. Eagles often "come down" to hunt prey, so this could mean that someone from an intellectual position is coming down to "prey" on someone.

    In dreams that I have witnessed, the Eagle can also stand as a symbol of the Self, it is a "King of Birds". Eagles often are associated with royal attitudes.

    Good luck

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    Default eagles

    can also symbolizes high ideals, loftiness clear insight, power. dignity, the highest one can reach.......golden eagle: spiritual wisdom........white eagle: pure wisdom........winged eagle: sometimes st. john

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    France, Germany, Austria, Prussia and Russia at some time used the symbol of an eagle as an emblem.

    The eagle is a royal or emperial emblem.

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    Default Eagles

    You could also add the Ancient Roman Aquila Standard. And the Bald Eagle of the United States. Regarding the US, I wonder how many people realise the significance of the carpet in the White House's Oval Office? Apparently, when the US is 'at war' it holds a sheaf of arrows, and when 'at peace', an olive branch. And the eagle faces a different way according to the situation! But I can't recall which way round....

    As well as Albania, Modern Egypt and Mexico. Albania’s eagle is double-headed, as was the Russian Imperial Eagle, but I’m not sure why!

    With Mexico it goes back to the legendary founding of Mexico City. The Aztecs, in about 1325 AD wanted a capital, and came to Lake Texcoco. Their leader asked for a sign from their Chief God Quetzalcoatl [The Feathered Serpent]. Then an eagle landed on a cactus with a snake in its claws. That was taken as a good omen. [And is now the Mexican Coat of Arms.] So they built Tenochtitlan. This incredible metropolis and their civilization was destroyed by Hernando Cortez and the Conquistadors in the
    16th Century. They built the Christianized Mexico City on its ruins. :(

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    i would say that maybe eagle is your hava to search it .

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    My eagle dreams have indicated a higher self, especially on an intellectual level. Once, when I was dating a man who had very little ambition, I dreamt quite vividly that we were both golden eagles: I took off flying, but he could barely get off the ground. In the dream, I left him behind and soared above the world. I could see everything below very clearly, in incredible color and detail. In real life, I ended up leaving that guy many months later and felt that this was very much the right decision.

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    Default Trying to put an eagle in prospective with surrounding


    I had an interesting dream and trying to put things in prospective. One part which is very clear in my mind was, i was in the midst of several very tall trees and could hear some rustling going on above. I looked ans saw a few nests in the tops of some of the trees. One of the nests was rather large and this is were the rustling was coming from. As I watched, a bald eagle was guarding this nest. I could see the eagle in all its glory and apparently guarding its young. He posed no threat to me as I posed no threat to the eagle. I found this to be very comforting as i took position on the ground only to observe the nest and the guarding eagle.

    I know the tall trees represent people and the eagle represents something great. Don't know about the eagle guarding its young though? The trees were tall and very straight and in full blossom, they had no branches. The emotion of the dream were that of comfort and the visuals were felt to be rare, not seen by many people. I felt honored to to observe the eagle and it's nesting, though I never did see inside the nest as I was on the ground looking up.

    The only limit is your imagination
    Nelson Quimby

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