I dreamt of my own death last night - this is the first time I've ever done that - I was always told you can't die in dreams - if you do you'll die in real life (ol wives tale I guess down here in deep south).
Anyway I just posted this on the Lucid thread cause the dream involved lucidity also - but I wanted to put it here too for any additional input...

"My husband and I are in a large pond, swimming around the edges of it - going in a circle. Other people are also swimming around and one girl stops me - pushes me under with her feet/legs and drowns me. I literally DIED in my dream. (I thought you couldn't do that!)
At this point I became aware that I was dreaming and became an observer of the scene. I could see my dead body (no face or features) and everyone around trying to revive me - "Call 911" "Is their a doctor around" then someone starts to perform CPR on my body.
In the mean time, I start to interact with the people who are around me... I tell them that I am my ghost. Most people are a bit frightened by that... I thought it was funny.
But then I try to communicate with my husband and I can't - well he can't "see" me.
Then the doc or whoever was doing CPR did stand up and communicate with me - he told me to go inside the house (which came out of nowhere) and go in to the back room and the back bedroom and await further instructions."