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    Default Advanced Dream Dictionary Posting Instructions - Please Read

    Rules of this Forum:
    1. Post a WORD you would like added to the dream dictionary as the SUBJECT.
    2. Put your DEFINITION in the body.
    3. You may reply to ANY word definition and discuss the word's meaning. This forum is for advanced discussion of dream symbols ONLY. This is to give dreamers, and dream analyzers a new tool to help in interpretation.
    4. If you do not know what a word means, say for example, you dreamed about an eagle, you can start a new topic called EAGLE, and as a subject, you can say "Does anyone know what it means to dream about eagles?" in the body of the message.

    EVERYONE may post a new word. Anything other then a single word in the subject will either be removed or moved to another forum, However feel free to REPLY to a word with your opinions or questions about the word.

    The reasoning for this new forum is to give everyone a chance to search for dream symbols, and discuss them.

    I call this an advanced dream dictionary because it gives an interactive aspect to a dream symbol word. It might prove useful to see other peoples opinions of the word rather then just mine or my wife's.

    I hope you enjoy it! The next post I make is an example of how it should be done.

    Thanks everyone!


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    Default rose2009

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