Hi Varzandeh,
I had 2 dreams:

1- In real life there is a kg class in our school that doesn't have a class teacher as she has resigned and they want me to be their teacher. In the dream I was without a veil but my hair was long and lovely. I was in a mall and I met a parent from that class. I was trying to find a scarf to cover my hair but she didn't even notice. She was showing me shoes she will buy for her son ( a 5 yr old in that class ) .They were very nice white shoes and she asked me if these were suitable for school and then said "wait I will get his dad so you can tell him too".

2- The second dream was of me and my sister. It was the month of Ramadan. There was a full moon, a crescent and a star , all close together. All low in the sky but not touching the ground. I was walking and my sister was in a wooden wagon driven slowly by a man I know. I knew in the dream that the same man had driven the wagon the day before but I had been holding on the outside with roller skates on. I was thinking it is the middle of Ramadan and I'll think of all the duaa I'll should make in the last 10 days.

Thank you