i was in a well light, long room, that had in the middle a garden. no windows. lots of family. they were going to sleep. i looked around it was a train wagon. it was moving slowly. i needed to go pee.
i found a small square window, it was half a meter long and wide... i squeezed out and saw i was in my old room. there my ex boyfriend was sitting looking at me. i ignored him. all over there were feathers, many colors (from the show girl costumes i make). i told him to turn around so I can pee. he didn't so i sat on the toilet, which was in the middle of the room- with no door or anything, and i peed. i looked at him angry and then I left the room, through the small window. i got back into the wagon/room and everyone was laying on the floor on blankets, sleeping. i walked around to find a spot where i could lay down and sleep. there was none.
i left again, through the small window. this time, the room looked different. it was dark. a tv and a big couch. 2 women were sitting next to the couch, on the floor, were watching tv. i was standing behind the couch and pulled out my penis (i'm a female in real life) and they came to me. i took one and laid with her. the other one was waiting for me to finish.