Hi Varzandeh,

Could you please interpret these dreams (2 dreams - dreamt on different nights):

Dream 1:
My cousin dreamt that she travelled to Saudi Arabia (for hajj or omra - not sure which one). She went to an unknown home. The bedroom had 1 bed and it was empty. This was the bed where Sayida Aisha used to sleep. My cousin stood infront of the bed saying duaa and crying (not happy and not sad).

Dream 2:
My cousin dreamt that she and her family (and many other known & unknown people) were standing in the sea with the water reaching their chest. It was judgement day and everyone was waiting for their turn to be judged. The people whose turn it was to be judged were sucked into the sea's whirlpool, and my cousin's brother and father were taken by the whirlpool to be judged. She was terrified that it might be her turn next, but the whirlpool closed, and the sea was calm again.

This is a whirlpool: