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    Default To ElizVanZee: Visiting a strange shop.

    In the of this dream my brother gives me bag that contains a already put together puzzle of Jim Cary. He told me he bought it for me at a strange little shop. I left home to look for the shop so i could see what esle they were selling. I took the bag with the Jim Cary puzzle in it with me. On the way to the shop i showed a stranger the already put together puzzle but he did not look interested. I asked him where the shop was and he pointed to a small nameless shop. I walked in and a lady with blond hair greeted me. She told me to take a book. There were alot of potions for sale. And all books were free. And puzzled were already put together and sold in frames. A door was open to the basement but no lights were on. Before the blond lady went into the backroom she told me never to open the shops closet door. I stared at that door for a while and wondered if i should open it. But that the door opened itself and a lady with short red hair came out. She was gaged and her hands were tied behind her back. I untied her and ungaged her. Then she said they know you resued me and the men dressed like sharks are going come after the both of us you must run away with me and don't look back. The dream end with us running away from the men dressed like shark
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