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    Default To ElizVanZee : Two Lions

    In this dream my mom, dad, brother and I were taking a trip. My dad stopped the van to let a mother and baby lion cross the road. But the two lions started to come up to my dads van. I opened the van door. Don't open the door my brother said. You're going to get us killed. Their just big cats their not going hurt you i said as the two Lions entered my dads van. I think this one likes my because its licking my hand i said. Yeah its getting ready to eat you my brother said. Then my dad started yelling at me. ''Get the lions out of my van will you. '' I got baby lion out and took it across the road. But the mother lion somehow got its foot caught under the van. I was still in road ''Don't drive the mother lions caught under the van i said. But my dad didn't hear me and put the car in drive and ran the mother lion over and killed it. I was sad i couldn't save the lion.

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    Default Re: To ElizVanZee : Two Lions

    The lion is known as "the king of the jungle" which gives it the right to roar. The lion represents a feeling of being able to intimidate others through threats, criticism,complaints etc. [This is usually a feeling reserved for those in a position of authority such as a boss, a father, a principal etc.]The mother lion and her cub indicates that such a feeling is being intensified.

    The dream suggests that you are using a familiar concept (with the family)which you see as getting you somewhere in life.(a trip) When using all your intelligence,(dad driving) the rationale being used would give the right of way to a feeling of being able to intimidate others. (stopped van for lions to cross the road) You would give such a feeling the opportunity to enter your way of reasoning. (open the van door) But the concept also shows there is an alternate way of thinking which would object to doing this as this feeling is a dangerous one.(brother says don't open the door)

    You view this feeling as being one you would have the right to have (just big cats)and perfectly harmless to you. You feel you have some affinity with this feeling. (lion licks/likes you) Thinking designed to protect you (dad) would insist that you must get any urge or motivation to be intimidating out of your way of reasoning.

    By saving the young lion, you are saving the less intense version of being intimidating. The most intense feeling is seemingly accidentally terminated. (mother lion run over) Here this appears as a case of a feeling coming along at the wrong time and the wrong place. [You may not yet be in a position to justify roaring at people.]

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