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    Default To ElizVanZee - Bricks flying through my dads van window.

    In this dream my dad, and I, and two people i never even met before were going for a joy ride. We were had a foo fighter cd playing at loud volume. As my dad was driving bricks started flying one by one through the front window of his van. Glass was being shattered but nobody was hurt. But one of the stange guys in the van with us had a bottle of glue and he started to glue all the bricks to his but.

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    Default Re: To ElizVanZee - Bricks flying through my dads van window.

    The dream is showing that an idea or a rationale is being used (the car) which is serving some very worldly thinking. (4 people in thecar). While the idea or way of thinking appears to be for your own protection (dad was driving), you are "taking yourself for a ride", i.e. telling yourself something that is not the truth. Here the idea being referred to could be the idea of joy rides (especially if they involve reckless driving) and also the idea of playing very loud music.

    The bricks as used in this scene seem to relate to the idea of "bouquets and brickbats". In this case the bricks are being used as missiles (they are being thrown). Used in this way, the bricks are "brickbats" and represent uncomplimentary remarks coming from perhaps several unknown sources. As the bricks come flying in one by one, the uncomplimentary remarks can be regarded positively. The bricks might be regarded as a constructive criticism or complaint perhaps.

    The windshield represents the idea of looking out, being watchful and careful concerning the idea or rationale being used, in a way that is "up front", i.e. honest, truthful and legitimate. The shattered glass of the windshield indicates a truth has been shattered. The need foruncomplimentary remarks to be directed at the van would suggest that the act of watching out or being careful was not a truthful, honest act.

    The glue represents making an idea "stick" or holdup. Mentally, there is an aspect of your own mind that would want the uncomplimentary remarks to stick where you would have "butt's", i.e.where you would have objections to such remarks. You personally might see this as a strange way of thinking (strange guy does this). The strange guy also suggests some very poor thinking is being used when sticking the bricks to the but. This can imply something like attaching a label to the body or person. The uncomplimentary remarks are meant to be taken note of in the mind but not let them identify who you are as a person. It is the acts committed that the bricks were aimed at,

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