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    Default Black water balcony surfing

    I own a victorian style hotel and upstairs, in one room i have 2 balconies. And i told my husband to close them with glass. So he did. The ocean was right outside. The water is black. Two women, guests of the hotel, go on the balcony with their square shaped surf board. I follow them with my own square surfboard. We stay in the balcony waiting for the ocean water to rise. Once it does, the balcony floods with water and starts filling the room up. We can't open the window to get out. We are stuck and the black water keeps coming in waves higher and higher...

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    Default Re: Black water balcony surfing

    If dreamt the sea water was unpleasant and putrefied means he/she will have a powerful
    enemy who is dangerous. Abraham /17

    If dreamt he was walking on the sea or surfing and his/her feet weren't wet means he/she will be safe from the hell and his material affairs will be easy.
    Dreams are scenes of daily day happenings in real life when interpreted will come and pass.This may happen in the near future in a few days to a month or two.
    People are asleep, when die they will wake up.
    42. God takes the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep; then He withholds those on whom He has passed the decree of death and sends the others back till an appointed term; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.

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