Hi Varzandeh, could you please interpret this dream?

There were two men that I had to choose between for marriage. The one I picked (reminded me of an ex) fell for a prettier girl than me. Fast forward there is a big beautiful china hutch. People from the future are doing an antique show and are telling the story of an antique. IE: the dream Im having. There is a ghost girl who is chasing us. I wont go in the dark for fear she is there. Someone evil (the pretty girl and her family I think) stole my inheritance and modified the china hutch into a dresser. It was modified generation after generation until it was a little jewelry box. Thats what the women from the future were talking about at the showing. Apparently the jewelry bow was haunted by some scorned individual Im somehow assuming its me. Then there was an outbreak of some terrible ghost disease a lot of throwing up and hiding, from the ghost. I was with a little kid during this he was sick and threw up everywhere. There was some kind of ceremony or celebration, maybe a wedding between the guy I chose and the prettier girl. People were dressed up in inflatable suits and there was an inflatable slide. Me and three others moved the slide into the middle of the street to stargaze. We saw all the stars except for the ones the light poles covered. I remember being angry and wanting to fix it so we could see all the stars. The others told me to shut up and enjoy the view but I ranted. They reminded me of the ghost at the bottom of the slide and I said I could take care of it to cut the power to see the stars better. I had second thoughts but before I could vocalize one of them grabbed my hands and pushed me down the seven story slide. I remember a disgusting sense of peril as I slid down. I woke up in a cold sweat right as I reached the bottom.