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    Default sweets, prison, running, white driveway,

    I was in a compound with a female friend of mine. we were locked up in a huge building with other people. I went to my room, where there were 4 beds, and 2 men on their beds and my friend went to hers. i looked under my pillow and saw that i had a packet of sweets, which are considered illegal. I asked who placed them there and one of the men said he did, and I should help him out. I said i didn't want to. i was supposed to get released in the next 5 days. I was afraid that we would have a raid tonight and i would have my sentence prolonged. i took the package and threw it towards him. he got angry and turned towards the small window we have and threw himself outside the window, escaping. my friend, she followed him and so did I. other inmates followed us as well. we started running on this very white driveway, running away towards the street which was far. the driveway was so clean and white that my eyes were hurting. a security car saw us and started following. we were running zig-zag so they won't catch us. the middle of the driveway, started opening like a crater and rising from the ground. it was made of wood and metal bars, like a huge fence. i tried to run around it, but someone from the security car lassoed me and pulled me into the crater. there i had to hold myself by the margins, otherwise i'd fall in. i was facing the "fence" and hanging by my arms. we were left there to die. i started looking what is around me, and i saw people dying, and even dead, still holding on to the top, hanging my their arms. some were naked, some were dressed very poorly and rags. i looked down in the middle and there was wet mud and body parts from people. i saw a naked, bald guy not far from me, biting someone next to him by the head. blood started coming out and that guy died.
    there is an unseen world. welcome it.

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    Default Re: sweets, prison, running, white driveway,

    Prison means some dignity like Josef.|sweets means a happiness on the way.
    Running away without screaming means a happiness.
    Hanging up means a manageing position or a promotion on the way.
    A bald person means a rich one biting means hurting someone on his money( head).
    Dreams are scenes of daily day happenings in real life when interpreted will come and pass.This may happen in the near future in a few days to a month or two.
    People are asleep, when die they will wake up.
    42. God takes the souls at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep; then He withholds those on whom He has passed the decree of death and sends the others back till an appointed term; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.

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