this was very disturbing dream for me. sorry, it is long, but what is the meaning please? :)

i was in a dim lit room with only 2 walls making a corner. the other side was open air with a lake night next to the the room. there were couches in there and people started coming in. i got close to a slender tall man and stabbed him with a sharp knife in the heart. as blood was gushing out i threw him in the lake. he was floating bleeding the water. a woman on a couch was dressed in a long body fitting dress, smoking a cigar, she didn't even clinch of my actions so i let her be. people kept showing up. out of them i picked another man dressed in long sheets, and went behind him and cracked his neck and in the same time i stabbed him in the throat. and threw him in the lake too.

a short woman dressed like a man with a boyish hair cut got in and she took out of her pockets medical needles and started stabbing my fingers. she was evil smiling saying that she infected me with some disease. my fingers started swelling up really bad causing pain. i grabbed her and took her needles away from her and tired to stab her with my knife. she pleaded for forgiveness and she bowed down to me, as she did that she picked up another needle she had stashed at her foot. i started running. it was dark and trees were like pine trees, scattered all over. their branches were scratching my body as i was running.

i got on top of a train/caravan. it was like a train, but wasn't moving but it each cart had no walls just poles at each corner and sheets were set up like walls, and overhead. people were living there. the overhead had a feel of expensive cotton sheet but it was thick and could hold me up, as i climbed on top. there were rolled pillows and it was super comfortable to be there. i realized that she caught up with me.

so i had to run from cart to cart and got to a room where there were many baby beds with newborns in and nannies, it looked like a nursery. there were glass walls and the glass door. the glass was wire enforced so it was tough to break. i told the nannies to hold the babies away from the glass. i closed and barricaded the door. the woman chasing me started throwing stuff in the glass to break it.. it was loud and glass was shattering all around me…