I was in a amphi-theatre with my mom. the theatre was empty of people. we closed the doors and it got dark, as soon as my eyes adjusted, i was still looking towards the door, on shelves there were many toys like soldiers- ninja style, gray and black. i got scared. on all the walls all the way to the front, it was full of them. it was creepy to me. in the front it was more light and on the front chairs and on the stage there were many books. it was a big sale, they were very cheap, children's books. so i bought a lot. the Asian lady, the cashier said it is only $1.7 then she added tax and it turned into $5.4. i shoved them all in my bag and left.
i was in my car, driving at night. this guy on a side of the road stopped me. he was dressed like in the Ottoman empire times- with the turban and the shalwaar and pointy, curled up shoes. i got out of the car and he showed me that on top of my car i have rocks and pebbles. He was speaking Arabic to me and I understood it. he started picking some up and they were the glow-in-the-dark ones, with phosphorus. i was amazed and i started picking them out too.. then we found a rock as big as my fist, and when i turned it, on the other side it had Egyptian symbols. He said that is very valuable. I thanked him and I left.
I got home and i lived in a basement. so on the hallway, with my big bag in my arms, i got ambushed by this group of gymnasium age kids who started beating me up. This girl kept punching me and i fell on the floor. i put down my bag and started punching her back. the other kids were just standing and looking at us. she started bleeding so they left.
i got in the house and my mom was already there. i put the bag on the bed and started packing my luggage. it was so much stuff, it wouldn't fit.. she kept telling me, that here, (we were in some Arab country, i don't know which one, exactly), if the luggage is too big, or too heavy, they authorities will throw it away and make you become illegal citizen...i was scared i wasn't able to go back home. my mom was going to stay there. i was sad because i was leaving her behind...

what might this mean, please?