1- Love's pain , I have endured to such a degree that ask not.
Seperation's poison , I have tasted in such a way that ask not.
2- In the worldI have wandered; and at the end of work,
A heart ravisher , I have chosen so peerless that ask not.
3- In the desire of the dust of His door , in that way,
Goeth the water of my eye that ask not.
4- Last night , from His mouth , with my ear,
Words , I heard such that ask not.
5- Towards me , wherefor bitest thou thylip , saying "speak not",
A ruby lip , I habe bitten such that ask not.

6- In the hut of my own beggary, without Thee,
Sorrows , I have endured such that ask not.
7- In the path of love , like Hafiz the stranger,
AT a stage, I have arrived such that ask not.