can you please interpret this? :)
i was in my childhood home. in the living room. it was dark outside. and i was under a tall table on top of an Asian man, trying to kiss him so he will give himself to me. he kept saying NO. from outside lights from a car were approaching. it was my grandparents, they were coming home. i had to hide this man but i just ran alone into the bathroom and stood there with the lights off, behind the door.

then i got into an outdoor market, in a foreign country, i can't tell which one. there were many homeless children running around and stealing stuff. it was lots of dirt, and houses looked poor. i was with a big group of artists and politicians, rich people around me, in expensive suits. we got on top of a big stage, waiting for the event to start. we were waiting to be presented to this country. waiting so long, i saw a singer (a friend of mine) walking by the stage. i got off the stage and ran to him. he said we should go. he has a plan.

we met with a manager. my African singer friend said i inherited a store and this manager is going to help me set it up. the store was sitting on sturdy wooden boards. we were on a side of a river, which was swinging around the store and the ground was wet sand, like a beach. the water was a deep dark colors, but very clear. he pulled out 6 mannequins and spread them out at equal intervals in front of the store. he told me to go get clothes from the warehouse, what i would like to sell.

i went up the stairs on the bridge- to this building which was on water, on wooden sticks, keeping the building above the water. i got in and pulled out a lot of big trash bags full with the clothes. this fat black lady grabbed some of the bags, trying to help. i looked in each bag to see which i like and i took only the things i knew they will sell. wen i got out of the door, by mistake with all the bags in my hands, i pushed the lady in the water, along with one of my bags. she couldn't swim and she started floating, like she drowned. the bag opened and a nice long sheepskin coat unfolded in the water. i liked it and tried to retrieve it. i walked back to my store and wen i got close i pulled the lady from the water and she recovered, she was alive. then i got out of the water the coat too. it was heavy and wet. i got to my store and started setting it up, to open soon.