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    Default dream control - it is possible!


    I know I rarely post, sorry for that... However, I feel I have discovered something worth sharing. For the past several months I have been... uhm.. basically hiding in my dreams. By that I mean, I have grown so dissatisfied with my life that I "really" prefer to sleep then be awake. I know this sounds depressing, and well, I guess it is kind of...


    In my self indulgence of over sleeping strange things have happened.

    Let me start from the beginning;

    After my break up with my wife I went into a really dark depression. We managed to sort things out eventually, and we got back together, but things are not the same... Damage has been done.

    All of my family are dead, my Mother, Father, Brother and Sister.. My wife alienated...

    I had a drug problem for awhile, and had to stop because it was killing me. Same with alcohol. I have no friends at all, real life or online. I maintain these websites, these sites that are remnants of things I used to care about... Because they are all I have left.

    Don't feel sorry for me, because I am no longer depressed. I have found an outlet in... of all things.. dreams!

    Back to my story; I made some semblance of reconciliation with my wife, and we live together now, and I found I still have love for her, and she for me. So I live now, basically in peace. I make enough income so my life is pleasant... I am no longer in any contact with anyone in the drug world. Nobody has my phone number, the only people in my life is simply one person... My wife.

    But there is an emptiness that still will not go away, that I cannot shake...

    I have always been good about remembering dreams, and have always loved to "sleep in". I found that now, in this point in my life, I tend to do it longer and longer.

    There is a side effect to OVER-SLEEPING. You tend to REALLY have vivid dreams, even if you do not want to. If you are sober and drug free, eat right and take supplements (vits. min, etc) you will dream very vividly. BUT the key seems to be, which I found over time, is to OVER-SLEEP!

    When I go to bed, at say 7:00pm I will sleep till about 4:00am BUT I will make myself go to sleep by staying still, and letting my self drift back off. After that I will wake up every hour or hour an a half later and do the same thing until I cannot do it anymore. I have slept as much as 24hours doing this several times. What happens is AMAZING. Your dreams will get so real you will think it is reality so much, you will be disoriented when you actually awake!

    This has lead to many a nightmare. Really bad ones, vivid ones... But I discovered that after time I became AWARE that I was dreaming. I experimented during the times I was dream aware and found I could control certain aspects of my dreams! Though some of them still turned into nightmares, I found for the most part I could manipulate my surroundings, situations and even turn nightmares into really cool dreams!

    I also found that being too AWARE made me wake up! (which ends it all.. cool if nightmare, bummer if good dream..)

    What I will tell you now is that I know first hand, from experience, that dream control is achievable. I am going to use this thread as a blog to share my dream adventures with you, and answer any questions you may have of me.

    More details to come... I am getting sleepy... ;)
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    Default Re: dream control - it is possible!

    Continuing the topic. I must emphasize that remaining calm is also very important. Also, being in control of the audio going on in the real world. An example. The other night I went to sleep listening to a audio track of a thunder storm I had on loop. The resulting dream was of being on a ship in stormy seas. When I reached the point I was "dream aware" (realized I was dreaming and became conscious of what was going on) I simply willed the seas to be calm.

    Dream control is so amazing! If you become aware you are asleep, and can remain CALM (getting excited wakes you) you will have GOD like abilities over your dream circumstances. You can fly like superman, breath underwater, turn a dog into a bunny rabbit and virtually anything you like!

    The key is to remain calm like a star wars "jedi"...

    I am excited about my new ability, and I would love to hear if any of you can do this as well!
    No matter where you go, there you are...

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