hello, this is a long dream, but i am mind boggled by the symbols in it. they are new to me, so please see if you can interpret it. :)

I was in a model in a white immaculate tent with other female models. outside there was a green grass field huge surrounding it. from nowhere special police in black suits and flack vests surrounded the area. they told us to gather on one side.this side was dirty, and the tent had shelves and drawers, a few tables. it had various household items that didn't make any sense either aesthetically nor practical. i was looking for my cellphone. i sat at a table which was very dirty and looked into the drawer. i found empty dirty bags and drugs, all kinds.
the masked soldiers with drawn weapons made room for a bunch of white men, French. they were dressed like Napoleon, they were soldiers too. one brought a map and started strategizing. they were going to attack an area really close to where we are. before they left they took a picture with everyone. but when i looked at the photo it was only them and only me, no other girls. before they all left, i told the cutest one to stay as i wanted to take a photo with him. he smiled and his uniform suddenly changed to a white long sleeve shirt and pink shorts. i was in love with him. i had no cellphone so i asked a man to take a photo. he told us to stand close together and another woman came too. she kept standing on my left side and wouldn't leave, as she wanted a photo too with him.
i pushed her away and then we took the photo. i was asking him what his job was, and he said he is a French soldier. i told him i thought this was fake, like a theater play. he smiled and denied, saying: "tomorrow we go to war". he left

the next day, or sometime later, i left the tent and looked outside. it was different. i was in the middle of a forest and on the other side it was a short brick fence, tall to my knees, and further was the shore and a few more trees. the water was beautiful blue and many gray submarines. they were fighter ones. i didn't notice them in the beginning. you could only see the periscope. they were so many, all sizes. i got scared. the tent disappeared and i started crouching and walking like that towards one side, of the fence. i got close to the water, but there where still trees around me. from nowhere a white rabbit and a cat- black and white were with me. the rabbit was running around, playing. the cat was right behind me, sometimes even pushing me. i was low crawling.

i turned around and saw that the French, dressed the same like before, (Napoleon style) were in positions. i walked between them and their general was looking at me, upset. i got behind the fence. the cute guy was there. i was looking at the photo that we took. it was a different one. it was only him, taking the photo in the mirror...