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    Hello Readers,

    I invite you to engage in meaningful discussions here as a way to a deeper, more relevant understanding of dreams, mind, consciousness, and ultimately our innermost self. It isn't enough to have another dictate our understanding with the unquestioned suggestion that this is what it is and there is nothing more. The well of insight dream study holds is within every inquirers reach and there are no real authorities in my opinion. There are no dumb questions and science is not the only path to the answers many of us seek. The knowledge I've gained through the science is merely the ground from which I chose to reach for my answers because it seems the most steady for my mental footing along the path to understanding my dreams, which I began many years ago. Quantity does not equal quality and tradition does not equal ultimate truth. Truth must be consistent and have universal relevance, which is the basic nature of all dream imagery as I've come to understand. How we generally translate a house, an insect, water, or food should be consistent and relevant from dreamer to dreamer. Let us discuss and learn with the liberty Dream Central provides. I spend an hour or so online nearly everyday and promise to respond to each and every comment with genuine interest. Although I may have some insights to share, I'm more interested in discussing yours. Feel free to engage, agree, and disagree here. All thoughts are welcome!
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