Hello All,

Remembering our dreams is often difficult without a routine effort. Some believe that is because dreams are not meant to be remembered. Actuality, our memory process was not evolved for the type of experience dreaming involves. Our memory was evolved for real physical/material experiences because those are what had a real and profound impact on the survival of our animal ancestors. Dreaming doesn't involve real experiences in physical/material reality. Dreams occur in a reality of the mind without the direct and life changing effects of real experiences. Our sleeping brain is able to detect this distinction between mental reality and physical reality. Consequently, it become difficult to remember our dreams because they do not form concurrent with actual experiences in true reality. It is actual experience in true reality that promotes the memories we form about ourselves and our experience. The physical sensations we derive from our conscious experiences is why we are readily able to distinguish dreaming from reality while awake and why it is difficult to do so while dreaming. I welcome your thoughts.