My dream was very detailed so I will share everything that I remember. It started off with me at my grandparents house. I was there with my mom, her best friend, and my ex-best friend from college. I got mad and I completely flipped out. I started breaking things, yelling, sharing all of my ex-best friends secrets. No one would listen to me so I broke a window and ran away. I was mad because I forgot my phone. I kept going back to the house and trying figure out a way to get my stuff, but I could never get in. I was running through all of my neighbors backyards and at the end of the street one of the neighbors had their dog out. He was barking and growling at me so I turned around and ran back the other way. My dream cut off and moved to a different area. I was at a fancy hotel that I have been at in a dream before. It looked like I had gotten myself together and was staying there. Then my dream cut off and cut to me staying at a co-workers house. It wasn't my coworkers house though, it looked like my fathers house. It is ironic because there was a lot of snow and ice on the ground and my dad lives in Southern California and it doesn't do that there. My co worker lived in the house with all of his fraternity brothers and they all kept telling me about their drama. They said I could stay with them but only for a short amount of time. We drove a lot in this portion of the dream. We went to a restaurant that looked like one of the dining halls at my campus. I was holding an oval shaped plate when Will.I.Am walked up to me and told me to come with him. He was wearing all black and a long black trench coat. There were 2 other people with us and I couldn't recognize them. We started jaywalking across this busy almost highway-like street. It was a hot night and there were A LOT of street lights along this road. Will.I.Am kept saying that each of the three of us represented a reincarnation of the rappers Genuine, Rocko, and Jay-Z. (I rarely listen to any of these rappers though). Mine in particular being Rocko. Then I started to hear a radio playing "Jesus Walks" by Kanye West. Will. I. Am and the other 2 people disappeared and I was walking along the road with Hank Hill, Peggy Hill, and Bobby Hill form King of the Hill. They were in cartoon form but everything else still looked like real life. They were talking about a music video from one the aforementioned rappers in which people use God when they really don't believe in him or show their faith. At that moment we decided to cross the street and as we did we were stepping on a bunch of green grapes. We crossed because we saw a loT of people walking in the opposite direction of us and the road in front of us had no lights. The road in front of us though looked the the entrance to my dads neighborhood so I had a feeling that I had got to this side of the city from my co-workers house. We started walking back in the direction we came with the crowd of people. A lot of them were Asian. I saw a really nice white truck speed past us. It was speeding and swerving and driving on the wrong side of traffic. As we got closer to being back where we started we heard screaming. I dropped the plate and started running towards the screams. There was a mom holding a little boy. He had a piece of metal through his shoulder and his eyes were red. The whit truck was tipped over and I couldn't see the other car. The ambulance on the scene said that the little boy would be okay and it was a minor injury. He pulled the piece of metal out of the boys shoulder and turned out to be a small piece. Hank Hill started walking over to the whit truck to see the driver and at that moment I woke up.