In waking life, I am a pretty active Catholic Christian. Last night, I dreamt that I was in my home church and was dressed up like I was going to work out(running shorts, tennis shoes, hair in ponytail), while everyone else was dressed nicer and I felt very embarrassed. I think I had a role to play during the service(maybe an usher?). Then, the scene changes with me attending another service at a Catholic Church with my friend Anne, and we are dressed up in skirts and nice shoes(I remember looking down at my clothes), and we enter a pew with an electric Mary statue tucked into the pew where the missalettes are kept. A friend from childhood was turned into one of the priests and kept looking at me as he walked down the aisle. The scene changes again with me sitting at a desk studying, and then I look out a window that has a screen to a beautiful setting of a lake and mountains.