I had a nightmare last night, this is what it was about.

I was in the old house i grew up in, from outside i could hear people screaming my name and yelling for me to come out. As if they were fans of mine. So i walked outside and they were all cheering i couldn't see them only hear them, it was exciting and i felt prideful. but then i needed to make an announcement. so i asked them to quiet down, but i was more brutal and it was more on the lines of. shut up. i started my announcement with these words

"once upon a time. on THIS day. a person died... well i shouldn't say A person. but PEOPLE died here." (the capital words are me being louder than the rest)

then everyone started cheering and yelling and being all happy about it. in my dream i was so prideful about it, i loved how everyone practically worshiped me. as everyone was cheering i looked up, and there were three shirts hanging over a branch soaked in blood. one of them i believe was yellow and had silver on it. but i jumped up and grabbed the shirts, and ran back into the house that i grew up in. everyone was still cheering.
here comes the most difficult part that may be hard to understand, because its hard to explain.

as i was running inside, it was like i was seeing it from another persons view instead of with my eyes. it was with theirs.. i could see myself running away with the shirts back inside. and i was chasing after myself. but as i was, i noticed something was laying on the floor. and it jumped out at me, it was a skeleton barley any meat on its bones or anything else. just blood.

then i literally jumped in my bed and almost screamed. my heart was pumping so fast.

what does this all mean? thanks for SERIOUS answers please :)