October 20, 2011
I dream some very vivid dreams when using nutmeg and cinimon in hot tea before bed. In one dream, I kept dreaming of fish. I was at a restaurant and there were some relatives there. We had stopped here to eat while we were on a trip to go on vacation to enjoy swimming. I was given more food than I thought possible to eat. I wasnít expected to be fed much of anything. I was presented with three large silver platters. One platter had turkey, another had fried foods like onion rings and french fries, and the third platter had a giant baked fish. The fish was muscles were still alive and twitching. I asked Dad about it and he said I was eating fish with the life still in it. I was taking in life. The restaurant had black walls, a black floor, and a tall black ceiling and was lit by gold colored light. It was not in our plans to feast here, but it was in our plans to eat some place really nicer down the road but this place, turned out to be better than expected. I ate the fish and I ate some of the fried foods and I intended to eat the turkey. I went out to the car and there was camper there. It was a better camper than I expected it to be as it was fully furnished and was more like a small home than a camper.

In another dream, I was visiting a zoo and there was a seal swimming in a tank. A woman was saying to be careful how to treat the ocean because this happens every day in the ocean. Suddenly, these many small silver fish that looked a little like sardines appeared in the tank and were following the seal and seemed to be harrassing the seal so that the seal could not harm them. Normally the seal is the supreme predator of fish. Then I was standing a snow covered ice sheet. I was seeing this battle between the fish and a seal which seemed to have powers of some kind. This battle would constantly repeat itself. The seal would leap out of the water and onto the ice and a fish would be waiting for it on the ice and they would fight. The fish went to Heaven, and the seal lived in the sky, outside of Heaven but in the air and the seal had keys which was the authority to rule the earth and the air. A man said that in their culture one day the fish will throw the seal down from the sky and take the keys so the fish will rule the earth and sky in peace. A third person was there who asked me what all this meant. I said the seal represented Satan. He is the ruling authority over this world and is the ruler and prince of the air. The fish represents Jesus and He is Heaven and one day, He will cast Satan down from the air and take away Satanís authority to rule the air and Jesus will reign. End of the dream.