So, I always dream, somethimes 3 or 4 different dreams per night. I rarely have nightmares where I'm fearful in my dream or wake up feeling scared. Last night during my second dream I saw a lday who was very white, kinda like a halo around them as they got closer my aspect ratio kinda change so i saw less of their body, as if they were getting closer, the face was pretty and calm, then when the face was about 3 feet away it turn very scarey, almost evil, I put my hands up one over the other in front of the face and i blocked it from view, I immediately woke up. I can still see the image in my mind.

Brief history maybe there is a link some where:

When we bought the condo the previous owner left a dream catcher in the room.
In 2006 my mom passed away at 51 from cancer.
We are expecting our first baby girl in a few weeks.
Im in sales.

Any insight would be nice.