a long time ago I was living in this house with a above ground pool in the backyard(this is not the dream this is real) But One night i had a dream about the pool and it was somthing straight out of hells worst imagination. I was swimming in the pool and all of a sudden i felt this force pull me down through the bottom and i ended up in this big field. The place was called tartarus. The sky was pitch black and the field was a glowing blood red color with hills and a faint white glow from the surface then i hear this blood curdling scream and this gigantic skull with bats wings and glowing red eyes appears out of nowhere and whips all of my flesh off with a metal whip. I could not sleep well again for weeks and i never looked at that pool the same way again. (the nightmare didnt scare me into never swimming in it again that just dosent happen in real life)