This was a really long and weird dream. Let me start by saying I'm only starting to read the Bible. And my faith is in a shaky place where I'm not really trusting what I believe anymore.

So it started with a move. I moved into this townhouse. It was on the ground floor and located conveniently diagonally across the street from an AM PM (I don't know the rules when it comes to quick stop stores since I told this to my friend and he had no idea what an AM PM is. It's basically a quick stop like 7/11 located in an ARCO gas station.). My room in this dream was about 2.5 times the size of my actual room. This one had powder blue walls with white trim and brown carpet (there was a lot of brown in this dream.... like bark brown...). In this room, there was a hanging lamp/chandelier. And hanging from it was a beehive the size of my fist hanging from spiderweb stringing from the lamp, and on it was a blue and brown spider half the size of the beehive. No bees, but I'm extremely terrified of spiders and bees. I liked the room, but refused to stay in it until that was out of it. I looked out the window, and there was a really lush tree, and hanging on it was also a beehive the size of my fist and another blue and brown spider half its size hanging on top of it. Also no bees hanging around. But also outside, in the sun, where the corner of my room would be, was a big chest-size beehive (like the kind a beekeeper would have) full and buzzing with bees. I could see them crawling all over it. Made me want to move immediately.

I retreated into this lime green and white VW bus and said I didn't want to stay in that house as long as the bees and beehives and spiders were there. It freaked me out way too much. I told my roommates to be that they needed to get rid of them before I moved in. Then I saw this dwarf bunny hanging on (what we call) an "Oh Crap!" handle. It was white with brown eyes (I had one similar with blue eyes, but this one was really fluffy). I tried to take it down safely while arguing with a would-be roommate, and I accidentally snapped out the tip of its toes on its right hind leg (Okay. IRL, the part that snapped off doesn't actually exist on a rabbit. Imagine like hardened mud crudding up on its nails. That's all that actually snapped off. Unfortunately, it turned red. Just like a faint almost dried layer, but still.). As I turned to my roommate, I saw a huge bee crawling into the van. I was holding the bunny in my left arm and using my right hand to hold me up as I was getting ready to push myself outside. And as I turned to talk to my would-be roommate again, I saw a bee had crawled into the van and onto my hand. It didn't sting or bite, and I tried to stay calm, but then it crawled off and went away. I got out of the van and went to take the bunny to a vet.

The vet's office was located in a fairly large business center, fairly upscale. Brown carpets and pale yellow walls also with white trim. I did not like the vet. I checked in, and I heard two guys talking in the back, both I think were vets, and they were talking about what they do with the animals, that they didn't actually do much to help, that they practically didn't know what they were even doing. And I didn't want the rabbit being taken care of here. So I just walked away. And then when I got about two rooms away, I heard them looking for me, so I started walking faster almost running. I went through one really long hall, then a restaurant, then a tea room, through a courtyard, and wound up at what I call "the Doll House" which was a really upscale whore house.

This place was like an office building that would normally do something like realty or technical support where all the offices had glass walls and doors. Except in each of these offices, there was a bedroom. It was decorated to the style of whatever the "entertainer" preferred. Some of them were Asian inspired decor, some were 18th century decor, some were modern contemporary. And each "entertainer" was dressed according to the decor. The ones that weren't "entertaining" were sitting in chairs in the room with their heads lowered. Ones that were "entertaining" were not doing anything to cover it up. The glass was uncovered for anyone to see. All the girls looked about 16-17, but were actually about 19. Extremely strange, this was a voluntary service. All the girls involved actually wanted to do it.

And this was just room one. There were at least 3 rooms. The second one was just as decorated, but with some empty rooms along the way. The third room was completely empty. It wasn't set up yet. This area was considered the more um... exotic/kinky section.

I had one character flip. For a moment, I was another person. I was this girl, she was black, short, and fairly round. And she was excited to try this out and see what kind of person would be interested in her as an "entertainer." Everyone that "volunteered" there was given a costume. For her, she was given a black wig that was in the style of a bob. She was actually really disappointed, but then she saw me (or in how I saw the dream, I saw myself) wearing the exact same wig. So she felt a little better that it wasn't just her, but still disappointed that this was what the more ethnic were given.

Then I switched back to me. I met my sister at the door (the exit) and handed her the bunny and asked her to keep on going to keep it away from those vet guys. I was going to hide there because I honestly didn't know if they were after me or the bunny. I was disguised in a black wig that was a bob style, but in an Asian silk robe and I think black silk and lace lingerie with thigh high nylons and black heels. All the rooms filled up quick. It was almost like the rooms automatically decorated the minute a girl walked into the room and claimed it. And the minute a "client" walked into the room, there were really long, thick curtains that covered the outside of the glass walls and doors. There were a few love seats for people waiting on a room. Some girls were with clients and just making out as they waited.

I kind of went lucid here and came to the realization that those guys were long gone and probably gave up after they didn't see me in the hallway. I sat down on one love seat, and as I closed my eyes, I was thinking and may have said out loud that about here would be a moment that someone specific would sit down right next to me. And at that moment, someone sat down next to me. I said "speak of the devil." And he kissed me. For a moment, I could actually feel his lips really warm on mine. Then I opened my eyes and it was a guy with brown hair dressed in a black suit with a black mask that covered his eyes. I asked him who he was, and he said "Our Mother in Heaven sent me." I said "I don't have a mother in Heaven." And he asked to speak privately.

He took my hand and led me to a room that a guy was just starting to set up. He was actually a client, but the girl hadn't shown up yet. And since the girl wasn't there yet, the guy I was with suggested that we be allowed to have the room until she did. He said we wouldn't be long, so the guy agreed and left the room. Then three other people came in, all older women, who immediately started dressing up the room like a summertime beach cottage style bedroom. He was trying to get them to rush so we could speak privately. One girl, she looked about 20, had a suspicion about him though and went out of the room to look up something. The women were halfway done when the girl came in yelling for them to stop. She said the guy wasn't who he said he was. She said "He's not Luis Waiver like he said he was. He's not even Louis Waiver. He's Les Waiver!" (I used to write, and I had a character named Luis. But that character was blond, blue eyed, quiet, and not very confident in himself with some self-esteem issues. This guy was brown haired, no idea what his eye color was, secretive, and radiated confidence.) When the girl outed him, he took my hand and we teleported out of that room to the outside. But when we teleported, my clothes changed from the robe and lingerie to jeans and a t-shirt and tennis shoes. I asked him again "Who are you? What do you want?" and he said, "As I said before, our Mother in Heaven sent me."

Then I woke up. First thing I said upon waking was "Mother Mary?! Why would she send someone?"