September 25th 2011
I donít remember the exact date of this dream but I want to document it. I asked the LORD in prayer about the power elite, the supposed secret organization of a few wealthy that is in control of the entire globe and getting stronger. In the dream, I was in Lebanon and on my to Israel, and it was covered in healthy forest. I saw a great black sphinx and next to it, a white obelisk. These structures were the power symbols of the super wealthy and powerful flagging the entrance of what was supposed to be a magnificent building but the building was never completed. Only the steel beams were there and then it was abandoned. It was overgrown with forest vines. The groupís power was destroyed prior the ability to complete their final step in their plan: conquest of all the Middle East to instigate an massive world war, to cover the world in blood. This would give them absolute power and end all freedom and human rights. Now that their power was gone I and my friends were free to roam the Middle East without fear, without restrictions, and all people, Christian, Muslim, Arab and Jew all were at peace with one another. Everyone was free and safe. There were no more divisions among race or religion, or history. Everyone realized who the true enemy was, the super wealthy elite, who had been purposely deceiving and inciting religious and ethnic violence to profit from war and people who were normally enemies, Israelis and Arabs, rose up against these evil people and saved freedom for the rest of us in doing so. What a wonderful hopeful dream.