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    Post Scary Animal dream!!

    Hi my friend had a very long and scary dream. Could anyone help to interpret its meaning.She had a dream as if she is back in her school days in her classroom with all her friends including me ( She could realize only my face among others). Then we both leave the classroom and go to a road where a man warns us of a forest on the other end.. We ignore him and go to that road. I go and lean over a very big tree and she also did the same on another tree on the other end.. She climbs the tree and gets to its tip. The tree just bents to the ground as she climbs up.. When she was about to get down from the tree she sees a scary wolf lookin at her. Now suddenly it becomes night. But she is not scared. She tries to get from the tree on the other side but ter on the tree she sees a white owl and a Vulture scaring her.. She somehow gets down and being chased by wolf.. Then she calls for her sister and her mother and enters her home..Ter a big snake comes and bites her but she is not feelin the pain. She tries to crush the snake's head and gets the head off from the snake's body but again the snake gets another head and scares her.. Then her Mom comes ter and the snake is no more. Then she sees a giant caterpillar outside her house coming out from the mud and suddenly from ter a big scary cat comes out and enters her house.. She screams but her mom makes her to relax.. Her mom makes a tatoo on the cats forehead , now the cat's forehead looks like a human.. Thats it of her dreams.. Can anyone interpret..
    Note: She is having problem with her marriage as she very recently( 1 week and still in problem) broke with her love as the boy not responding properly and her mom is also worried about her..

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    Whew! This dream reminded me of a fairy tale, and perhaps that would be a good place to start. If this were my dream I would consider this to be covering
    some ageless topic. What comes to mind (and I hope you'll forgive me if I am wrong) is what a lot of fairy tales address metaphorically: sexual imagery.

    School days and classrooms suggest that the dream is about teaching or learning a lesson. The dark forest has classic themes of the unknown, danger, and mystery.
    The warning is simply that. (No interpretation needed there) The tree, the snake, the wolf, and even the catepillar all seem charged with male sexual images.
    Climbing the tree and having it fall down suggests disappointment to be sure. As a male symbol the catepillar also seems more than a bit disappointing. Soft, limp,
    slow moving, and with a bit of a "yech" factor thrown in for good measure!

    The cat (*****) of course is feminine sexual energy. The imprint the mom makes it is likely a positive and lasting (tatoos are permanent signs) in that she
    surely is providing good guidance or a good model for providing a human face to this "cat" to help solve this highly charged situation.

    You might (delicately) try out these themes with your friend to see if any of them seem to provoke that "ah ha" feeling. If not, then drop the subject and
    move on to another idea. But I'm guessing from the hint you provided that this approach might prove to be the correct start to figuring out this dream.

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    testing the reply
    No matter where you go, there you are...

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