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    Default Asteroid like Object Kills Loved One (descriptive story of my nightmare)

    Ok, info to know me better first: I am 17 and I am atheist. I am also deeply in love with my atheist boyfriend.
    The dream: We were at some tour of an amusement park or something and he just ran in line (was one of the first), I then started feeling bad about what was going on. Then the staffs' walky talkies broke and they started to use marker boards and began to count down. Each number they counted down from made my feeling worse so I yelled as loud as possible to stop them. To my relief, they did. All the sudden a massive asteroid or spaceship like object is hurling down and slams into the platform everyone was on in order to ride the coaster. I screamed as everyone was knocked to the ground. Relief once overcame me once I saw everyone was alright. Seconds later, as I begged for nothing else to happen, the object came back down and crushed everyone that was in the front of the line. Many were injured but, my boyfriend.. the love of my life.. was dead. I cried as the scene was engraved into my eyeballs.

    Later that night, I received a text from his number.. He told me he loved me. I texted back asking how he was contacting me. He replied with "He is real, heaven is real." I continued to text him which he replied with "I am treated no differently here." (No one really treats him good. He is like the spare wheel to almost everyone.) I cried myself to sleep on accident while texting him. All the sudden I heard the blazing wind of that object again and I ran downstairs screaming to my father to get in the basement with me. We went downstairs once again and hid under the most sturdiest covering we could find. The object struck our house and scratched my father's head to which he bled from. We did not die. Then horror came over to me as I thought to myself.. why didn't I just let myself die to be with him, my love. I was torn as I had no guts to kill myself on my own terms.

    The rest of the dream is useless and just something added on. He still remained dead and I alive; sobbing, mourning, torn even more each time I remembered the scene.

    Add: There was also some comical things added such as, my best friend trying to seduce me and before the death there was a girl that could levitate metal and rocks. She seemed pretty heartcolded as well.

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    Default Re: Asteroid like Object Kills Loved One (descriptive story of my nightmare)

    Hello, IIMEIPII.

    A platform or stage is something we are going to do, its our destiny. Something falling out of the sky is God showing you your destiny. A ride is something to do or what your going to enter into, and being smashed means it will change. Your boyfiend dieing and saying that everyone is treated the same, means that you recieved a answer from heaven and didnt matter you were atheist to be able to recieve that answer. A prophetic dream is often backwards, so maybe not damaged but inspired.

    Peace and love in Jesus.

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