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    Default Death of a loved one. Strange things happening...

    This spring I lost someone very close to me in a car accident and it shook everyone in my life to the core. He was the father of my 2 1/2 year old twin grandsons. He was only 22. I knew him his whole life. His family and mine grew up in a tiny little mining town in Alaska so we are all very close.

    A few days after his death I have a dream so real... In the dream I wake up and go downstairs and I see him sitting on the couch with my daughter. I think to myself girl you are losing your mind and continue on to the kitchen. Then I hear my daughter speak to him and I turn around shocked and tears start to stream down my face. He chuckles and says aren't you going to say hello? I say are you really here? He says yes, I said can I hug you? He smiles and says yes. So I hug him and I can feel him and smell him it was like we were both really there. And he says to me didn't you know that I will always be here? And I wake up.

    I am still shaken by how real this dream was and have "felt" him many times since. I am a bartender and I work in a liquor store so I have beer signs in my living room. The other day while I was thinking about him one came on by its self. I swear this to you. It really happened.

    I joined this site today to see if maybe you folks can help me figure out this dream I had a few days ago. First let me say that I am not now or have never been a religious person. But I am really starting to wonder...

    In this dream I am walking the dogs in this little town I speak of. There are a few people I know but many I don't know and I am fine with that but a little surprised by who they are and where they come from. I will try and keep an already long story short. I come to this one house, I think the dogs led me to it, and I am welcomed by a southern black woman into the house. The house is old and large and welcoming. There are a few white people there but mostly black and the only reason why I mention it is because there aren't any black people that live in this town normally. And I am happy that they have moved in. We chat and she introduces me to a man my age or a little younger that I think might be her son. He has the most beautiful eyes I think to myself. He takes me by the hand and spins my around and says you should come with us to church. I say um maybe... and the woman hands me these items that she says I will need. There was a black apron, what I think was a candelabra, and something else I forgot. He asked me to pray with him before I left. I am polite so I agree. He has this old religious relic on the table and we hold hands and he puts his other hand on the relic and tells me to do the same. A feeling went through my body like a wave. It felt so good when I touched it I was almost ready to fall to my knees. It was such a power feeling it woke me up and I felt like I just returned to my bed. Like I had been gone for hours.

    Then today at work (at the liquor store) a lady that had just got out of church came in to make a purchase. We had pleasant small talk at the counter while I rung her up. She starts to leave, turns back around and says here I want you to have this and takes off her rosary beads and puts them on me, smiles and leaves!!

    People my mind is just about blown. Any thoughts here?
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    Default Re: Death of a loved one. Strange things happening...

    That all seems very magical. I love when things like that happen and I feel a sort of mysterious lifted type of feeling. I had several dreams very similar to the one you first spoke of, about my deceased grandfather, especially over the first two or three years after his death. It's eerie or haunting how real they are. I think they are common though. And we had a bunch of things, especially my grandma, that are a lot like the beer sign turning on. We'd have lights, an anniversary card that she finds signed by him almost a year later on their anniversary, and a package that shows up several years after he died. It definitely suggests there is either a higher level of energy that covers and connects all things (maybe a god or creator of some kind) or we create these things from our own psychic energy. I know that Einstein said that the more he studied the universe the more difficult it became not to believe in a God, and I have to agree with that.

    The second dream is unusual. I like the part of the relic. And that they are southern black people that you meet and introduce you to the relic and the prayer, and the young man's eyes being so striking. It makes me think of "old time" religion. Carl Jung had a theory of the meaning of the races, in terms of if human existence tells a story. Red men were symbolic of human potential, I don't remember yellow or white unfortunately, and black was symbolic of the shadow, or unconscious aspect of humanity. This unconscious is where the roots of religious thinking are, and the relic and his eyes sort of agree with that idea. Eyes have always held a deeper, spiritual quality of awe.

    So I feel like the dreams are tapping into a spirituality of your core self or soul. I don't know what there is to do about them except meditate on them maybe and just enjoy them and hope for more. The more you meditate on them, I think, the more they will settle into your consciousness and influence your life in subtle ways that might take you to interesting, spiritually fulfilling places. That's what I believe and try to do with things like that. Sometimes trying to write the dreams into a poem or draw them in a single scene or paint them, if you're able, helps to understand them more than any other thing possibly could. Good luck, and I'm really sorry for your loss.
    "All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"
    "Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears" -- Edgar Allan Poe (both)

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