I had this dream around November of 2010 I was walking around my home when i noticed I was dreaming now when i lucid dreaming i love to plan them so in my conscious life I love looking at the sky , I decided to go outside and look. In my past i have had dreams with multiple suns, symbols , in the sky. So as i walk outside I look upwards ready to see something new . When i notice 3 cherubs almost statue like ( stiff and in same posture) moving across the sky ( the movement i can compare to a waltz step and pause xcept they all moved forward with each pause they shot the ground below them with some sort of pistol. they freaked me out because i figured they were shooting people below them which confused me so i ran back inside and told myself i will never purposely look in the sky again.
NOw the weird thing about that is in December My good friend and i were arrested one night while giving his friend a ride home. His friend happened to have a gun that he hid inside the car I spent a week behind bars and my friend spent 7 mos. I told him he needed to watch his friendship circles but do you think the dream could have been a warning about the drama that was on its way ? :yo: