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    Default HELP! I don't know what kind of dreams I've been having..

    :confused5: Okay, so I thought I knew quite a lot about dreaming until recently I started having these dreams where I could tell the future/I knew what was already going to happen in my dreams while dreaming them and therefore i could of better possiblities/kind of warp my dreams or it's like I am coming up with my dreams on the spot or it's like my dreams are memories and im reliving them differently... I only recall being able to tell what's going to happen in real life from my dreams once. I've have also had lucid dreams before where I actually realize I'm dreaming and can control it, but in these dreams it doesn't seem like I realize I'm actually dreaming...I don't know how to explain it, so it's been hard to research. Does anyone know what this is or have experienced it themselves?

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    Default Re: HELP! I don't know what kind of dreams I've been having..

    I've heard that is a definite early warning sign of insanity, and there is not much hope for people with such dreams... No I'm joking. It sounds a lot like deja vu, only a dream variety. They both have to deal with a more mystical side to life, so it's not far fetched that they would occur together. It could mean something like you are becoming more individuated (a Jungian term meaning you are becoming what you really are, which is extremely rare to do actually; look up "individuation" for more info. It's seriously fascinating). That's the only thing I would guess. It's somewhat like you are becoming more present. I've heard that that is the highest goal of any religion, of all monks and all spiritual people and any meditation practice. To be constantly present in the moment, with no past hindering you and no future worrying you. Just completely alive. Anyway, I think that because obviously you're dreaming about slowing down enough that you see what is coming as it is. Also, I heard somewhere, and I like the idea kind of, about this idea of deja vu. It's like, before we were born we designed a sort of plan or structure for our life, based on things our souls had to experience and whatnot, and deja vus are like glimpses, or sudden remembrances of that plan. That's just an idea though. It is right in line with my interpretation above though. If either is the case, you're extremely lucky and should take full advantage, as you're in a position that is almost unheard of. Or it could be something else completely. That was my feeling about it though. Good luck. Let me know if you want any help looking into it further. I'm a student so I have access to pretty much all scientific journals and such.
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