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    Default Dreaming about a war between Wolf packs?

    the other night i had a dream about a war between black and white wolves. it was so beautifully epic and so scary all at the same time. they were like spirit warriors. going in and out of physical and spirit. and could only be harmed or do harm while physical. and apparently its a honed skill pups and adolescent wolves cant do that on call and they were getting killed easily by the adults.

    then incomes a pregnant black mother wolf. who apparently couldn't shift either being pregnant.trying to protect her pups. she stared right at me b4 turning away to fight.

    I couldn't watch so I turned back to the adults fighting just in time to see an adult kill a pup.

    I woke up not feeling scared really but more morning for the lives lost.

    i cant get it out of my mind. like there is more to it?

    what do you think?

    (on a side note: I do have a Female Black wolf as a guide.. but i cant really make sense of this message.)

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    Default Re: Dreaming about a war between Wolf packs?

    What all do you associate with wolves? Like if you could paint a picture of what a wolf is to you without drawing an actual wolf what would it look like. That tactic sometimes is helpful to think about the imagery for me at least. You obviously have some apparently strong association with wolves, as you say in your side note. But what kind of guide are you talking about? That seems like it would be a huge piece to what the dream is all about. Like I feel deeply close to wolves for I don't know what reason, but they have a strong personal meaning for me. If I had that dream it could mean something completely different. But the black and white, and the indiscriminate violence, I'd think, pretty generally indicate some strong clash in your psychic life, like things aren't adding up, and with the pups even being killed, it feels unbearable. Whatever kind of guide it is, the part of your dream where the black pregnant wolf stares at you kind of stresses the connection. I would just guess that the tension or conflict or stress associated with the whole battle have something to do with that area of your life that your guide occupies.

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