When I was 16 I had a dream that I left my body and walk through my town. The town was altered slightly things were basically geographically the same. I remember walking on bare feet which seems to be the norm for me. I reached a house I was not to see the inside of for several years. Inside I meet a small group of people standing in the living room talking to each other about me as if I were a third person. I could only slightly make out the faces of a few although they seemed to have a leader whom I could not look at directly given it some effort. Surprisingly she's female. I heard them argue my return as if time were short and my life was in peril. This seem at the time to amuse me. In my arrogance I tried to reply with adolescent humor but an overwhelming power seem to hold my voice in check as I struggle to reply. She turned her back on me and said remember this always, you will meet this women and she will help you. Look before you and see in your mind what you will again see in the future for your life will depend on it. What I looked at was her standing in front of a machine with knobs I've never seen before, her hair was in breaded peg tails with her back to me. There were several other details within the room that burned into my memory.

I spoke no more nor did they. I walked home and laid down with myself until I was myself again and the sun rose up and I remembered it as if were a reality. I pondered this dream for years finally letting go of it. Many more years past when for a fleeting moment I was struck with awe when before me stood my wife who had just changed her hair style that day wearing it in peg tails, her back to me in front of the VCR which was the machine I had seen back then. VCR's had not been invented back when I first dreamed. Every other detail jumped out and I was in shock! My wife is the only other that knows this dream story. Have any of you ever experience anything similar?