I've never been one for the fascination for the idea of a zombie apocalypse, yet I have had intense, real-life-like dreams of real scenarios of such things, twice now. First time (oddly) was based in farmland, the second I think in New York City (never been there).

I won't explain the gore but let me tell you, if you were to imagine a zombie apocalypse with mass hysterical panic, confused trampling of people, screaming, gore, and pure fear then you can picture what I experienced.

They did seem to follow the traditional brain munching, but not the traditional stupidity. Too intelligent for my tastes, as every attempt at a barricade or escape resulted in more or a failure, and casualties (depending on the company of random survivors I encounter). They're never anyone I know. Also, each dream did involve an almost pitch black tunnel system (like utility tunnels) that lead to a brief, action-less escape, only to find the entrance to desolated remains of any settlement/ civilization. Both times ending abruptly with shouting from a nearing corner, followed by more survivors running from a ridiculously large horde of charging undead. The gurgling shrieks the zombies made was too intense, like chocking on something while vocalizing. And both dreams finished with with me standing next to two survivors, one female, the other male. The random survivors I encountered ranged in age from anywhere really.