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    Default Demon Possession

    For a bit of background, typically any time I have a dream I can remember it's oddly surreal and I can usually sense that it's all just a fake dream, having strange nightmares isn't that odd of an occurrence for me but this one is a bit different in how incredibly vivid it was, and the most concerning part of it is that it partially feels like something out of my past that I can't quite put my finger on.

    Through both parts of the dream I'm quite a bit younger, perhaps around the age of 10-12 I'm guessing. The part of it that feels like it's from my past is the beginning, but it's also very muddled and hazy, it didn't feel so much like I was dreaming it so much as say, trying to revisit an old and forgotten memory. In this part I was a kid and out exploring some old rural forest area not *too* far from the general area I woulda been living at that time in my life and I stumbled upon a stump that had a pink paper on it. I have no idea what was specifically written on this letter, but I think the general feeling I got from it was that it was some kind of desperate plea for help in relation to some kind of haunting or demon possession. I never acted on it or inquired too much, essentially leaving it at that? Who knows.

    So on to the next part of the dream. In this part of the dream I actually act upon the letter, maybe out of curiosity, hard to say what my motive was. I had my older brother and younger sister with me and somehow we had located this old wooden house and somehow I knew that this was the place the letter had been referring to. So we approach the house and are met by the family living there, a man, his wife, and their son who was probably in his mid teens. They all look disheveled and ragged and they hardly spoke at all, in fact, I don't really recall if any of them really spoke at all except the man saying a few words to invite us inside. Somehow I knew [probably from the letter] that these people were possessed by demons, or at the very least their home was, something of that nature.
    They seemed passive and we went inside. The most notable thing about the inside of the house is that all the wooden furniture had these unnatural holes bore into all the top surfaces. I just remember looking at the top of their table and seeing all these holes that I knew couldn't have been made by hand or tool. [i doubt it makes any difference but for the sake of being specific these holes didn't go all the way through the pieces of furniture, just like an inch or two deep] I felt really uncomfortable after seeing this and the three of us went outside to leave. Throughout the entire dream my brother and sister never said a word, they were kinda just there with me.
    At this point, just as we get outside the man silently grabs my sister by the arm and goes back in and closes the door. Here my brother and I look at each other and I just feel absolute sheer terror. I quickly go back inside and see the man firmly clenching my sister by the elbow and the two of them are standing next to the table. I instantly grab my sister away from him and tell my siblings that we have to get the hell out of there, and then we flee.

    So that's about it...the whole thing rubs me the wrong way but the worst part of it for me is that after I woke up I felt an immense feeling of dejavu in regards to the part about finding the letter on the stump.

    I mean, I've had several pretty messed up dreams before that I just shrug off but this one felt totally different.
    Any thoughts?

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    Default Re: Demon Possession

    Well this is just a hunch, but do you think this dream could have something to do with your sister? The letter that you found was pink, so It is most likely a message about a girl or woman and the only girl/woman in your dream is your sister. Consequently, she was the one who was grabbed by the possessed people.

    You didn't pay much attention to the letter in the dream, so perhaps in real life you have seen some signs that your sister needs some help, but perhaps you disregarded it and shrugged it off. The possessed people represent negative influences of some sort (possibly negative people in your or your sister's life). The holes in the furniture could mean that something doesn't add up, or explanations for things don't quite make sense. Consider the saying when something "has holes in it". For example, "your logic has holes in it", or "this plot has holes in it".

    Well, as I say it is just a hunch so please ignore if this doesn't seem to fit with what is going on at the moment. At any rate, it does seem that you are dealing with some unpleasant stuff at the moment, perhaps from your past (as you were portrayed as being younger in the dream). Take it easy eh?

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