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    Default Short dream, with letters.

    i dreamnt i was looking at a letter K, Someone said look, it has four points, the points lit up. "what else has four points?" letter N, those points lit up.
    that is your key to the bomb shelter, they said.

    what the?? please help


    maybe you should know, my boyfriend is currently in jail, falsely accused, we are working on getting him out and i have been constantly praying...i feel it might have something to do with that

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    Default Re: Short dream, with letters.

    I can't offer anything on interpretation, but I did think of one thing while reading. Bomb shelters, particularly expensive high tech ones(like one the government might use), might be expected to have a keypad and a pass-code to enter. The usage of the letters K and N may be related to a sort of a way to remember the entry code. For example, on a standard keypad:

    1 2 3
    4 5 6
    7 8 9

    K using "4 points" would, in the order of regular writing, be 1-7-3-9
    N's points would touch 7-1-9-3

    In the context of a bomb shelter, the points lighting up does coincide with certain keypad designs(which light the button as it is pressed). Did all the points light simultaneously, or in a specific order?

    A secondary correlation is that if you punch in a code, you "Key In" a code- "En"(as the letter N) meaning "in" in several languages, and a "K" the classical shape of the business end of an older Key.

    Though I wouldn't know if any of the above will be of any use to you, that's just what struck me- K and N as a "map" to the button presses on a keypad entry system. Nothing says it'd necessarily be numerical, of course.

    I'm no expert interpreter, but if you can provide more details, that might provide more specific insights.

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