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    In my dream I walked out on my patio and looked up in the sky and saw two moons. The sky was crisp black, very black, almost like velvet. There were millions of stars sparkling and some were shooting across the sky. The two moons were rotating around each other both were huge, full, and clear and shining so bright it was hard to look at them. I went back inside to tell someone to come look. When they came out this time there were 4 moons, same brightness, full and beautiful rotating around each other. I kept trying to take a picture but was unable. I felt at peace and like something good was getting ready to happen.

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    Hi there,

    This dream tells you that you have been limiting in your spiritual journey since you have been on earth this time around. You must open up 2 way communication with someone regarding your spirituality and become more involved. Basically, to me, it sounds like you desire wholeness and to be complete. Spirituality is the answer to your problems. This assumption is also made due to the slot machine dream. these dreams sort of go hand in hand. I believe the energy you should focus your time and or money into is matters such as spirituality to help you grow fulfilled. There are many books to read up on also. Start if you can.. by looking into Edgar Cayce, his books and bio. There is alot of info on the internet regarding him also. Its sort of new age, but there isnt anything yet to be contradicted about him, and he is not about religion, but is very God conscious. This may be a start of something new for you.
    Row, Row, Row your boat, gently down the stream. Merrily, Merrily, Merrily, Merrily life is but a dream....

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