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    Default Domestic violence, raped, held hostage and house on fire

    I was tied to a chair in a basement. The house belonged to my ex husband Tyquan. Him, along with his cousin Devon and David and three of their friend kidnapped me. They set my cat on fire. He told that he wanted to to threats to me so he untied me and the raped me. I was screaming and telling them to leave me alone. Tyquan wasn't a good husband. He kept on hitting me, slapping me and holding a knife to my face. After they raped me, Tyquan grabbed my ear and said try to escape and we will rape you some more. I slapped him. He grabbed my hair, dragged me in his bedroom and started to hit me harder with his belt. I begged him to stop but he kept on yelling at me and calling me names. I looked into his brown and I kissed him. Then he kissed me back and we kissed some more. Before we removed our clothes, his friends and cousins freaked out and set the house on fire and both of us died in the fire.

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    Default Re: Domestic violence, raped, held hostage and house on fire

    Hi Anna,

    Wow, What a disturbing dream! It is almost as if it could become real! The house represents a domestic issue. Meaning something in your relationship is not well at all. Being tied to the chair in the basement, means that there are some very deep-seated emotional issues that are not being dealt with that will become the downfall of your life. This situation is causing you to feel isolated as the people you are dealing with are not cooperative. This old relationship is just a way of showing you how your current situation will end up. You are currently holding vengeful feelings towards the opposite sex. This person IS currently taking advantage of you and pushing you past your limits, however, this horrible dream is the only way to show you what is going to happen later for you. This person your dream is talking about is probably a current boyfriend and he is no good! (sorry to say) This current partnership is telling you that it will end up badly like the last one if you dont stop making the wrong choices. You wish to be in a loving relationship, but this one is telling you that it is not this current guy. The nakedness, means you do not want others to know the bad decisions about this guy you have made, but if you do not rid yourself of the negativity or bad relations, it will ruin your life. The house on fire, means a ruined life, you dying, means that you will have to start over and build a better life for yourself and these old negative traits will go away for your new life. But you must work at that and want that, otherwise we all reap what we have sown.
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